Widodaren Waterfall

When you are in Ponorogo you may visit to Widodaren Waterfall is one of the great things to do in East Java. It is a fairly small waterfall, however they attract a great deal of attention to the citizens of Ponorogo. Culture and nature are two words that jump to mind when thinking of Java and the surrounding it. Widodaren waterfalls is a great pick as it’s not too far from Telaga Ngebel, which is popular in Ponorogo and surrounding area. The waterfall has an exquisite exoticism, located in Tritis, Talun Village, Ngebel District of Ponorogo Regency.

To be able to visit at least during the dry season due to small water discharge in summer. If you have arrived at the location you can enjoy the sound of waterfalls falling from the steps of mountain cliffs there. Accompanying the enchanting natural scenery adds to its own charm if you are traveling to Widodaren Waterfall.

Besides being able to enjoy the rush of waterfalls, from the top of hill you also enjoy views of the city that looks very majestic and beautiful. The visitors who have visited here are guaranteed to come back again. To enter this waterfall, you are only charged parking because there is no ticket fee. That is because this tourist attraction is still managed independently by the local community. In addition, at the location of the waterfall also there are no stalls. So, it is advisable to bring food and beverage supplies.

How to Get There
Widodaren Waterfall can be reached with just 30 minutes from the city center. If you leave Ponorogo Square, drive your vehicle north to the Tambak Bayan intersection. Then turn right or go west to the intersection of Sumoroto market, then turn left to the south until you find Condong market. Then turn right or in the direction to the west until you find Talun Village, Ngebel District of Ponorogo Regency.

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