Dawet Jabung

It is incomplete culinary tour before you enjoy traditional drinks, Es Dawet Jabung. Dawet is somewhat different from dawet Banjarnegara and other dawet. This drink comes from Jabung Village, Mlarak District, Ponorogo Regency. That's why it is named as Dawet Jabung, as the original place it has made.

If other dawets use coconut milk to get savory, Jabung dawet also uses coconut milk and add a little salt to give it a distinctive savory taste.

There is a unique tradition in this dawet dish. Dawet will served in a small bowl and placemat. When the seller gives a dawet bowl with a mat, the buyer can only take the bowl. According to tradition, if the buyer takes the mat also, it means the buyer intends to propose the seller. When the mat is given by the seller, it means the seller is willing to be married.

The special characteristic of the Dawet Jabung Bu Sumini Ice is a trickle of palm water added in it. But you can also have Java sugar water, if you don't like palm water. Not to mention the delicious white dawet, the taste is savory and sweet into a perfect blend.

For those of you who want to enjoy the fresh ice dawet Jabung can go to Dawet Jabung Bu Sumini, the location is not far only 10 km from the city center. This dining place has been exist since 1960 and its taste has never changed.

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