Sate Ponorogo

Not only Madura, Ponorogo also has chicken satay which also delicious and popular. The look of this satay is similar to Madura chicken satay. The difference lies in the model of the meat slices. If Madura satay is diced, Ponorogo satay is cut by thinly slicing the chicken meat, resembling fillets. Satay becomes softer and fat can be removed.

Another difference also lies in the cooking process. Before burned, Ponorogo satay marinated in seasonings to make it absorbent into the meat. This process is also known as 'dibacem'. The Ponorogo satay grill is a furnace (grill) made of clay.

The best restaurant in Ponorogo have unbeatable chicken satay and are widely recommended. So, for those of you who visit Ponorogo, you must visit it. The chicken satay served in very soft and tender. Not to mention the soy sauce condiment that makes it even more delicious.

When you enjoy it, you will be really addicted because the seasoning is seeped in. Savory, sweet and spicy flavors mingled in your mouth. Not to mention, you eat it with rice, will make it even more delicious. Don't forget to cover it with a sweet iced tea.

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