Sate Kopok

Besides Ponorogo satay, this area also has a special food called satay Kopok. Kopok itself means ear wax. Actually this satay has several names. This satay is also called satay Blendet which means mud. There are also those who call it satay mbalong because it is only found in Balong District, Ponorogo Regency.

Even though it sounds disgusting, this chicken satay is so delicious to eat. The appearance of satay kopok is slimy because of its thin liquid peanut sauce and coconut milk. Unlike other chicken satay, the sprinkle of satay seasoning is pale yellow. Kopok satay is usually served with lodeh or soto.

To find a restaurant that sells this satay is not difficult. You only need to go to Wage market in front of Jetis Police Station. Although the place is quite simple, but you will be addicted to this satay Kopok. The taste is very tasty - really make you want more and more.

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