The Charming of Toyomerto Waterfall

There are many waterfalls in Ponorogo which are still very natural and rarely visited by tourists. If you are on vacation to Telaga Ngebel (lake) you can take your time to visit Toyomerto Waterfall or also known as Selorejo Waterfall.

The location of Selorejo Waterfall is in Toyomerto sub-village, Pupus Village, Ngebel District, Ponorogo Regency, East Java. You can only walk to get to the waterfall and it is quite tiring for those who are not accustomed to walking. Besides quite far, the waterfall also uphill. There are several pine trees and coffee trees along the path.

If you tired, you can rest to freshen your breath or drink and have a seat on a simple wooden chair made by local people. When you reach the waterfall, you will see two signposts nailed to a large tree. Near the signposts, there also a warning board, if it rains heavily, all visitors should immediately leave the location.

Selorejo or Toyomerto Waterfall consists of two levels, but both are still in a single flow from a rock cliff with about 30 meters height. One leads to first waterfall above, and another to second waterfall below. Local people said, this waterfall in between Mount Nglengko and Mount Manyutan. Under Wilis mountain which crossing from Madiun to Ponorogo.

The waterfall originates from a spring on Mount Manyutan. If you traced this waterfall, it will end in Catur River which flows towards Madiun. The first waterfall, bigger than the second. At the first waterfall, visitors can take a bath and feel the freshness of Toyomerto Waterfall. While in the second waterfall, visitors can take a bath from the top of the cliff. It is also best landscape to take some pictures. There are also wooden planks of trees that fall across the waterfall flow.

However, no many visitors come to Toyomerto Waterfall. The reason is the damaged access road to the location makes all visitors reluctant to this place.

To get to Toyomerto waterfall, you must use a private car, about 30 minutes from Telaga Ngebel. Because there will be no public transportation to the waterfall. You have to be careful when riding a motorbike, because most of the roads to the fountain are damaged. In addition, the road to the fountain is winding and uphill with cliffs on the right and left.

But during the trip you will enjoy the cool air and pine forest view. In the middle of the trip you can also take a selfie with Ngebel Lake background.

Upon arrive at Toyomerto sub-village, you will walk about 300 meters to reach the waterfall.

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