Serabi Kuah Ponorogo

Some regions have different types of Serabi (kind of pancake). There are special type of Serabi in Ponorogo. If the commonly Serabi made from rice flour and coconut milk, Serabi Ponorogo is different because you will enjoy it with coconut milk sauce and liquid brown sugar.

This Serabi is usually served using a bowl. For those who don't like Serabi with soup, then you can enjoy it with grated coconut.

In Ponorogo, Serabi are often found in various corners of the city. Starting from the side of the road to the traditional market, you can find this savory and sweet food. Almost at the corner of the intersection, you will meet Serabi, such as at the Tonatan intersection, Tambak Bayan intersection, Pon market intersection, ice factory intersection, east roundabout of Legi market and the intersection in front of the city district (Bangunsari). The sellers start selling at 3 am and are ready (cooked) at 4 am when people leave the mosque. Do not know why their selling characteristics are on the side of the road, intersection, near the mosque and before dawn until 6 in the morning. When asked, this has been passed down from their grandmother's past.

Serabi Kuah Ponorogo best enjoyed when it's hot, hanging out near the seller, warms the body near the fireplace. It has a unique taste similar to Jenang Sunsum, but there is the aroma of soil, crispy, savory. Usually liked by children and used for breakfast, while for elderly people who come home from the mosque can breakfast Serabi before returning home.

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