The Beauty Enchantment of Kucur Forest Tourism

Kucur is a tourist spot in Binting village, Badegan district, Ponorogo; which is a natural forest tour. This place is beautiful and cool that can refresh us from daily activities. All tourists are strongly advised to visit this place while in Ponorogo. In addition to its soothing natural scenery, Kucur can be said to be a charming place of natural reflection.

As a tourist destination visited by many tourists, Kucur is always treated by the local people. The local people in Badegan area are also very friendly to local and foreign tourists. Therefore you don't need to worry about getting lost or lacking food. You can find many food and drink shops around this area. You can also freely ask questions about the road that can be traveled in this forest to the surrounding villagers.

This tourism forest is precisely located about 20 km to the west from Ponorogo downtown. This road is crossed by public transportation making it easier for tourists to visit. But it would be more fun by using a private vehicle. In the entry gate, the local residents built several kiosks and public facilities such as parking area, prayer rooms, and so on. The forest is in strategic place, located between East Java and the road to Central Java. That's why the Kucur tourism forest is often become a rest area for anyone who travels. Meanwhile, if you want to ask the residents around, you can simply mention this place as the Kucur Forest or Alas Kucur.

To reach this forest, the visitors must go through a rocky hill that about 3 kilometers from the main road. But you will so amaze for its scenery. The forest functioned as a national park and also often used as a campsite.

Several tips when you travel to Kucur Forest Tourism in Ponorogo, you need to prepare your personal equipments. And some additional items such as cameras because you definitely want to capture the moment with your family or friends. Don't forget to bring medical supplies (for example soap, wet tissue, shampoo, antiseptic). Prepare your physical and transportation so that your vacation fun. Take care of yourself and always be careful.

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