Pare Hill

Ponorogo has a very special landscape. One of the anti-mainstream highlands in Ponorogo that must to be visited is Tumpak Pare (Pare Hill). This tour is recommended for those of you who like outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, or walking activities to enjoy the natural beauty or its kind. Do not compare this Pare Hill to Ngebel lake or Beruk mountain tourism that has been well managed and has complete facilities, this hill is only suitable for you who really like the green nature.

Many people say this hill with Cempoko accreditation because the location of this hill is in Cempoko village, Ngrayun District, Ponorogo Regency, East Java. One of the villages blessed with green nature with beautiful hills lined up.

Local people called it as Bukit Pare Ngrayun. It is a green field surrounded by dense pine trees. Here you will enjoy the neatly lined hills in Ngrayun district. Pare hill also has very cool weather which tends to be cold. This is what makes many people feel at home here, in addition to beautiful nature, the weather is also very cool so it is suitable for relaxing on holiday.

Pare Hill is one of the camping ground areas in Ponorogo, you can bring a tent to spend the night and enjoy the cold temperatures here. But you have to be careful, because the road you have to take to get to the top of Pare Hill is quite difficult, but for those of you who usually climb it is certainly not a big problem.

Bring some food you needs such as snacks and also drinking water needs, because you will not meet the restaurant on the top hill.

How to get there
Tumpak Pare is located quite far from Ponorogo city center, precisely in Cepoko Village, Ngrayun District. Usually takes 1.5 hours. This location is also in line with the path to Mount Gajah.

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