Mlaten Waterfall

Ponorogo not only has Reog. Here, you can also find Mlaten Waterfall. Some local people call this waterfall as Kokok waterfall and Sendang Sawo waterfall. This waterfall is one of natural beauty destination of East Java Province. Moreover, this waterfall is often become the location for instagramable photo hunting of many tourists.

The location of Mlaten Waterfall is still quiet, because the location is difficult to reach. From the parking area, you still have to walk along the steep rocks and climbs. But this long and tiring track will feel fun because of the beautiful green natural scenery around.

The trip of about 40 minutes along this path will be paid off by the beauty of Mlaten Waterfall. The uniqueness of this waterfall is the water flow on steep terraced cliffs. The water flows in a river filled by large rocks. The extraordinary artistic impression has created by the waterfall.

Visiting Tips
Come to Mlaten Waterfall should in the rainy season. Because the water discharge is very heavy and you can bath under the splash of water. If you visit during the dry season, it can be sure that the waterfall is dry. But even though Mlaten Waterfall sometimes has low water flow, it doesn't make the charm fade. You can still take selfies on the river that has charming view. The view of this large rocky river can be a beautiful object that would be cool if you upload it on Instagram.

You should bring your own food and beverage supplies because there are no vendors or food stalls at this location. Don't forget to wear comfortable footwear because the track you have to go is long enough. Hope the camera is always prepared to capture every beauty angle of Mlaten Waterfall. And the thing to remember is to always maintain the cleanliness and preservation of nature

How to Get There
To reach the location from Ponorogo Square, if you reach it by private car, then you take the south direction until you arrive at Dengok then take the left direction (towards Trenggalek). Just follow the road until you arrive at bend of Sawo Market, then take the right direction slightly.

Then on the left side of the road there is a way down, just follow the road even though the terrain is winding up and down. About 8 kilometers will arrive at Tumpak Palem T-junction. You choose left toward Temon Village. Just follow the road, about 3 kilometers later there will be a signpost to the location of the Mlaten Waterfall. Enjoy!

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