Platuk Waterfall

Reog, that's might cross your mind when you are hear about Ponorogo. One of this regencies in East Java is indeed famous for its Reog Ponorogo art, which is impressive when seen from many perspectives. However, Ponorogo has many other things that make them deserve more attention from Indonesian tourism connoisseurs. Tourist attractions in Ponorogo, which emphasizes the charm of nature, is also a special attraction that is worth to visit. One of special attractions that will impress you is Pletuk Waterfall in Kranggan, Jurug Village, Sooko District of Ponorogo.

Pletuk Waterfall also known as Coban Temu, has a height of about 30 meters and is above an altitude of 450 meters above sea level. The waterfall is still fairly natural seen from the location and terrain traversed. To reach the location of Pletuk Waterfall requires caution because the access road between Pulung and Sooko Districts is quite difficult to reach. Along the way to the location, you will be treated to a soothing view of a stretch of green clove plantations. You will also pass the grove of trees in forest managed by Perhutani, so trip to tourist sites is not boring. In addition, the stretch of terraced rice fields is also a refreshing.

When the foot stepped to the location of waterfall, you will be showed with a beautiful panorama, landscape, guarantedd to roll the eyes of everyone who enjoys it. As far as the eye can see will be seen several hills equipped with greenery. About 10 minutes walking down a fairly steep road, you will find Pletuk Waterfall. The waterfall flows between two hills, each filled with greenery.

How to Get There
You can fly from Jakarta to Ponorogo, at Adi Sumarno Airport Solo, then proceed by using a taxi to Ponorogo. Alternatively, you can fly at Surabaya Juanda International Airport, continue by bus to Purbaya Terminal, Surabaya and then take a bus to Ponorogo. Pletuk Waterfall located in Kranggan Hamlet, Jurug Village, Sooko District of Ponorogo Regency. It can be reached by taking about 60 minutes, or about 30 km to the southeast from the downtown Ponorogo. To get to the waterfall can use private or public vehicles.

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