Jenang Mirah

The famous souvenir from Ponorogo is Jenang Mirah. This Jenang or dodol becomes Ponorogo specialty food and has hunted as a souvenir. The texture is soft and not sticky, Ponorogo dodol different from the others. The taste of Jenang Mirah is so distinctive, the combination of sweet and tasteful is delicious.

The name Mirah comes from its originator named Mirah. Jenang Mirah has been exist since 1955. The creator of Jenang Mirah is a 75-year-old woman named Mbah Mirah, whose picture always displayed on the packaging. All lovers of Jenang Mbah Mirah will immediately know even though they just saw the packaging.

Jenang Mirah made from glutinous rice, coconut sugar and coconut milk without preservatives. So, the ingredients must be safe, free from chemicals. Jenang Mirah is sweet, tasty, and has distinctive fragrance. This jenang can stay out of package for one week. Although it has become a typical souvenir of Ponorogo, its process is still use traditional way, using stoves and firewood.

The process takes in enough time and can even take hours to fully cooked. So, it's make sense if the price is a little more expensive than general Jenang. Jenang Mirah packaging is divided into three sizes: small, medium and big. Even though it is made from natural ingredients, this jenang is not added to preservatives. This Jenang can last for weeks. So it is suitable used as souvenirs for family or friends when coming home from Ponorogo.

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