How to reach Ponorogo?

Ponorogo is located in the west of East Java province and is near to Central Java province or about 200 km southwest of the capital of East Java, Surabaya. Ponorogo is known as Reog City or Bumi Reog because this area is the origin area of Reog.

Beside known as Reog city, Ponorogo also known as Santri City because it has a lot of Islamic boarding schools, such as; Modern Darussalam Gontor Dormitory located in Gontor village. And every year in month Suro (Muharram), there is a series of public party named Grebeg Suro.

How to get to Ponorogo
Some transportation that you can choose to reach Ponorogo from Jakarta destination:

If you choose to flight from Jakarta, then you will landed at Adi Sumarmo Airport Solo, then stop a taxi to Ponorogo. Alternatively, you take a flight, to Surabaya Juanda International Airport, then go by bus to Purbaya bus Terminal, Surabaya and then take a bus to Ponorogo.

Choose a train that goes through Solo (Stasiun Balapan) or Madiun (City). If you get off at Madiun, you can continue to Ponorogo by bus or taxi. But if you get off in Solo, you can take a bus to Ponorogo or passing through Madiun. There are several types of buses to Ponorogo: economy, business, and executive.

Public Transportation in Ponorogo Arrive at Ponorogo, you can choose several kind of public transportation to reach the destination you want to visit. They are:

Traditional Vehicles (dokar)
It is a traditional transportation used as the main transportation that is usually used in rural areas. The local traders often used dokar to go to traditional markets.

Bus in town
The bus connects the district centers with sub-districts and there are also mini buses in cheap tickets. There are 3 main mini bus routes in Ponorogo:

  • Seloaji Terminal - Dengok - Jetis - Sambit - Sawoo
  • Seloaji Terminal - Dengok - Balong - Slahung / Bungkal
  • Seloaji Terminal - Tambak Bayan - Badegan - Purwantoro

This transportation specifically used for some areas that are not passed by bus lines such as, Mlarak, Pulung, Sooko or Sumoroto.

Inter-city Bus
This kind of transportation centered at Seloaji Terminal, an inter-city bus that connects Ponorogo with other regencies in East Java. The following is a list of well-known inter-city buses in Ponorogo:

  • Ponorogo - Surabaya: Restu Jaya Bus, Mandala, and several other intercity buse
  • Ponorogo - Trenggalek - Tulungagung - Blitar: Jaya Bus
  • Ponorogo - Madiun: Cendana Bus
  • Ponorogo - Pacitan: Aneka Bus

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