Coban Lawe Waterfall

When the dry season comes, naturally the water will evaporate, making water-based tourism objects such as ponds, rivers, waterfalls, are in dry recede even evaporate. But it does not happen in Pudak district, in Krisik mountain area, there is a very cool and anti-receding waterfall.

It is called as Coban Lawe. This waterfall often said as the hidden nature spot, but offers a special natural charm. This waterfall has a fairly heavy water flow, plus the green scenery around makes anyone who visits this waterfall will be reluctant to leave. The location of the waterfall is in Krisik Village, Krisik Mountains, Pudak, Ponorogo Regency.

When you visit Coban Lawe, there are several restrictions for tourists. You banned in hunting animals around waterfalls such as birds, and banned in littering and damaging the ecosystems existing. There are many spots around the waterfall for photo taking. In addition, the waterfall that flows through the rice fields and the surrounding forest has very clean water, until makes you can see the bottom of the waterfall pool. The combination of cool air of Krisik Mountains, Pudak District and the fresh splash of waterfalls will make you not regret visiting Coban Lawe. We are also encouraged to maintain cleanliness, and the environment so that it remains beautiful, cool and comfortable to visit.

How to get there
Coban Lawe will reached in about 30 - 45 minutes from the center of the district of Ponorogo, just follow the main road of Jalan Pulung - Pudak, you will be greeted with a gate that reads, "Coban Lawe Waterfall." You simply follow the road to enter the rocky road. When you reach rocky crossroads in the middle of the forest, you can take the right lane or ask the local people, who are farmers and ranchers around the forest, how to go to the waterfall.

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