Mount Bedes

The name of this mount is indeed strange and unfamiliar, only a few years this Mount Bedes is always discussed until finally becoming the recommended tourist destination. Originally named Mount Bedes, this place was once a monkey habitat. These monkeys are considered pests because they often damage farmers' fields. Therefore, the local people then damage the monkey nest and leaving only a few chunks of stone shaped like a chair overlooking the Mount Bayang Kaki. Locals call "the monkey" with the term "bedes", that's the reason this place is called Mount Bedes.

The specialty of the mountain which has 10 m2 peak is when standing on a rock shaped chair, visitors can enjoy the view of Ponorogo City from a height. It was clearly visible, a series of mountain combined with green trees in a vast forest, a flowing river, plot after plot of rice fields and houses, coupled with hills cool breeze that make you reluctant to move from there. Actually Mount Bedes is only part of a series of volcanic mountains with about 200 m height which strung up together with other small mountains such as Mount Tengah and Mount Poleng.

To get to Mount Bedes is indeed quite challenging, visitors must pass the main road which is full of winding slopes. Arriving at the parking area was still needed a little energy for easy trekking about10 minutes. Visitors can use only two-wheeled vehicles, because the last route before arriving at the parking location, the road is so narrow and can not be accessed by four-wheeled vehicles.

How to get there
Mount Bedes is located in Buyut sub-village, Ngadirojo Village, Sooko District, Ponorogo Regency, East Java. Public facilities such as simple food stalls and public bathrooms are provided. While the distance that must be traveled from Adi Sumarmo Solo Airport in Boyolali to Gunung Bedes is about 135 km or more or less takes 3.5 hours of driving. Or you can also arrive at Adi Sumarmo Airport, visitors continue to Madiun Regency by train. From Madiun Station you can rent a two-wheeled vehicle to go directly to Gunung Bedes with a distance of about 55 km or approximately 1.5 hours drive.

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