About Ponorogo Regency


1. Situation, Boundary and Region Wide.
Ponorogo Regency is located between 111017' - 111o52 ' East Longitudes and 7o49' - 8o20 ' South Latitude , with the boundaries of administrative as follows
· North side: Madiun regency, Magetan and Nganjuk
· Eastside: Trenggalek regency and Tulungagung
· Side South: pacitan regency
· Westside: Pacitan regency and Wonogiri ( Central Java ).
Ponorogo regency have regional wide about 1402,92 Km2.

2. Physiographic.
a. Height of Place.
Most region of plain in Ponorogo regency is between 100 - 500 m dpl. (58,79 %) and 500 - 1000 m dpl.( 25,83 % ).
Some places with height to 1000 m dpl is in Sooko, Ngebel and Pulung district region.
b. Soil types.
Ponorogo regency have some soil types , most of them are predominated by Litho sol (19,90 %), Litho sol (19,23 %) , Grey Alluvial (17,15%) and Association of grey Alluvial (11,49%), while the rest are deep brown Mediterranean soil type, brown - grey Alluvial, Association of brown & grumusel.
c. Geology Structure.
Based on region geology structure of Ponorogo regency had divided into 8 kinds. The widest is Pliocene Sediment, Volcanic Quarter and Alluvium, while other in area, which is smalls, is Codas stones, young Volcanic Quarter, Andesite, Diorite and Chalkstones.

3. Climatology.
Tightly climatology is bearing with the situation of height place, therefore Ponorogo regency have tropical climate and partly small subs tropical.

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