Pecel Ponorogo

Pecel can be found in many areas, one of them Ponorogo. Pecel Ponorogo, is one type of culinary whose name is famous in Indonesia. This pecel is usually also called a pecel tumpuk (stacked ). What's special about this pecel is the thick and spicy peanut sauce.

This pecel can easily found along the corner of Ponorogo. You will meet many vegetables in pecel like; soybean sprouts, petai cina, cucumber, green vegetables, to tempeh and peyek (peanut brittle).

Some pecel sellers even cooked the chili sauce in traditional way. Peanut sauce mashed in a mortar with pestle. Pecel Ponorogo is a combination of hot rice added with vegetables such as spinach, bitter melon, bean sprouts, long beans, and turi flowers. After that, topped with peanut sauce which has very distinctive taste and then topped with basil leaves. For side dishes, buyers can choose chicken, fried meat, conch satay, quail egg satay, intestine satay, and tempeh tofu. The price of this pecel is also very affordable.

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