Sunggah Waterfall

When your day are just tough, it means you need to refresh your brain so that your day is as pleasant as before. For that, you need a traveling to enjoy the fresh air, green and sufficient oxygen. We have some recommendations for destinations that are not expensive and natural. One of them is Sunggah Waterfall in Ponorogo, East Java.

Sunggah Waterfall in Selur Village, Ngrayun District, Ponorogo Regency, one of the most popular tourist attractions. An amazing view makes this waterfall visited by many people. The waterfall drains clear enough water and produces a roar from a height of about 50 meters. During the rainy season the water discharge will flow so swiftly, adding to the exotic tourism of Sunggah waterfall. Access to get to the location of Sunggah waterfall is also very easy to reach so it will not be difficult for visitors.

Along the way to location, on the right and left side there is a stretch of rice fields planted with various plants. Arriving at location, visitors are only charged a parking fee of 3,000 IDR. Meanwhile, to enter the location of waterfall there is no charge. From the location of parking lot, visitors must walk down the footpath about 200 meters. Along the way visitors are treated to a stretch of terraced rice fields. The sound of waterfall sounded from the parking location.

Visitors can take pictures with background views of waterfall accompanied by stretches of rice fields and forests. During the rainy season, visitors are prohibited from playing under water in a waterfall or river to be aware of water fall from upstream. Managers provide small huts at several points in the location for tourists who want to enjoy the views of Sunggah Waterfall.

In the tourist area there are also some stalls providing a variety of dishes and drinks and snacks. So, after being tired down the waterfall and taking pictures, you can drink a variety of fresh drinks in the existing stalls.

How to Get There
Sunggah Waterfall located in Selur Village, Ngrayun District of Ponorogo Regency. It can be reached in about 60 minutes from the downtown Ponorogo. The road to this location is quite good, but upon entering Selur Village there are many holes. To get to the waterfall can use private or public vehicles.

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