Kedung Kenthus

Tourism in East Java will never end to be discussed. As with natural tourism in the city of Ponorogo. Called Kedung Kenthus Tourism, is one of the tourist attractions located in Jenangan Village, Sampung District of Ponorogo Regency. Kedung Kenthus in Ponorogo is a tourist destination that you must visit because of the charm of its beauty is the one and only. Local residents of the Sampung area are also very welcoming to local and foreign tourists.

Kedung Kenthus is a place on the edge of mountains with a water source that never dries even in summer. The source of water comes from Nggemblung source in Pohijo Village. This river has the uniqueness of the left and right cliffs that resembles the Green Canyon in Arizona, from above we can see the width of pool is only about 1-2 meters but inside it is so wide that it resembles a barrel. 30 minutes from downtown Ponorogo in the direction of Sumoroto Subdistrict, in the direction of Sampung District which is famous for its limestone quarries.

How to Get There
Kedung Kenthus is located in Jenangan Village, Sampung District, Ponorogo Regency. If you are from the eastern area of Ponorogo (Alun-alun Ponorogo) you can take the north direction to crossroad or Tambak Bayan traffic lights. Then you take the left or west direction towards Sumoroto Village. Then you will arrive at Sampung Village intersection. From there take the right direction and follow the signpost until you see Sampung District Office. Not far from there, there is a T-junction, you can take the left by following road to Jenangan Village. After arriving at Jenangan Village, you can look for Jenang Elementary School. Not far from the school you can ask the locals for directions to Kedung Kenthus.

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