Masjid Hill

Ponorogo, whose territory is in the middle of island of Java and does not have a beach, apparently never lacks of natural resources to be developed as a tourist destination. In addition to some attractive waterfalls, the district which is famous for Reog's art also fascinates with its mountain range. Masjid Hill is one of the most popular lately. Seen from the origin of word, ‘masjid’ means mosque. Does this mountain have a shape like a dome of mosque?

Administratively Masjid Hill is located in Pandak Village, Balong Sub-district, Ponorogo Regency. The location is not too far from a tourist attraction that was popular, Gunung Beruk Karangpatihan. From the city center it takes about 40 minutes. Do not imagine a traveller can access this mountain peak with a motorized vehicle, still need physical exercise to get to the location in question.

For you who have travelled to Masjid Hill also call this mountain the Teletubbies Hill. It turns out that after a hiking traveller passes the trail and uphill will arrive at the top of mountain. From there you will see other green hills that look like hills in the Teletubbies film series.

Teletubbies Hill shaped like a dome may be from where the name of Masjid Hill originated. What is clear from the top of this mountain stretches a soothing natural scenery. Expanse of green plants also contribute to providing a cool atmosphere and fresh air.

At the top of mountain there is also a selfie spot like a tree house. If you visit this place, don't forget to bring supplies, especially drinking water. Don't forget also to maintain cleanliness by bringing back the garbage you brought.

How to Get There
You can fly from Jakarta to Ponorogo, at Adi Sumarno Airport Solo, then proceed by using a taxi to Ponorogo. Alternatively, you can fly at Surabaya Juanda International Airport, continue by bus to Purbaya Terminal, Surabaya and then take a bus to Ponorogo. Masjid Hill is located in Pandak Village, Balong District, Ponorogo Regency.

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