Nasi Jagung / Corn Rice

Traditional menus like corn rice are very healthy menus, have good nutrition for body, can also prevent various diseases. The existence of corn rice is now sought by many people. In Ponorogo, you don't need to go far to the countryside to find this unique culinary. On Suromenggolo alias Dalan Anyar Ponorogo street, there is a recommended seller of "sego jagung and thiwul krawu" - the local people called corn rice as 'sego jagung'.

The process of cooking corn rice is the same as how to cook rice. Corn cooked in coarse mixed with a cup of rice. Then the corn rice is cooked. Other creations to save on rice, milled the corn, then it be 'ampok' - grain corn. Some people call it 'empok'. The topping is cassava leaves, cooked using coconut milk, fried anchovies, and spicy shrimp paste.

Well, corn rice dish also has toping. The most toping is 'urap-urap', peyek, and spicy shrimp paste. Another topping is choice, called 'iwak' (side dish). Some choices like, eggs, mackarel tuna in red cooked, tuna in spicy cooked, fried anchovies, and chicken (sometimes). While you can also choose the vegetables, like; eggplant stir-fried, chayote, sometimes tofu tempeh stir-fried, and others.

Corn is carbohydrate food but has high dietary fiber, so that this kind carbohydrate is suitable for diabetics. As is known, rice has high glucose, while corn has lower glucose, as well as with potatoes.

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