Mount Gajah

Ponorogo is a small town in East Java but has a myriad of natural attractions, one of which is Mount Gajah which is popular among climbers. While the word 'Gajah' itself is the name of a village in Sambit District of Ponorogo. The mountain with a height 1,000 meters above sea level with a fairly easy to climbing track. With track trails you can pass by using a motorcycle or mountain bike to get there.

Mount Gajah is located in Gajah Village, Sambit District, of Ponorogo Regency. The silhouette view, sunset, and clouds right under our heads are indeed typical of Mount climbing. The mountain will offer a beautiful greenish scenery and once you reach the top, you will feel like you were on heaven since the area will be surrounded by cloud. To enjoy this Mount Gajah closer by climbing, the trail was only 8 kilometers long but the climbers usually need around 3 hours to finish the track for it has an easy and extreme track.

Along the road will be found with a green view of the sound of birds chirping, the seekers of grass going back and forth bringing down the harvest of wild grass is given to cattle that are waiting at home. The atmosphere of Mount Gajah that is relatively unspoiled is also free ticket of visitors.

How to Get There
To reach Mount Gajah you need 45 minutes by road from Ponorogo town square heading south direction to Bungkal District, with the route to the east direction until Jeruksing intersection to the right direction Jabung Village. Continue until Jetis intersection turns left toward Trenggalek direction follow the main route to Bibis Market goes straight south then straight to Gajah Village where Mount Gajah is located. Mount Gajah is located in Gajah Village, Sambit District, Ponorogo Regency of East Java.

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