Ngembak Tourism Park As Family Recreation Spot

Ponorogo Regency, better known as Reog City, is one of the cities that rich for arts and culture in East Java region. Meanwhile, there are also many tourist destinations that still natural and virgin such as Ngebel Lake, Toyomerto Waterfall, Plethuk Waterfall, Beruk Mountain, Watu Semaur, Ngembak Tourism Park and many other tourist destination that so exotic, beautiful and interesting to be visited by both local and foreign tourists.

One of the tourist parks in Ponorogo is Ngembak Tourism Park. The park, which is close to the city center, offers variety of play facilities and is ideal for family recreation. Besides the location is close enough, the price of admission is quite affordable.

Previously, Ngembak was known as an untreated spring. But now the Ponorogo regency has conjured up as a city park equipped with children's pool and some children's play ground. That's why Ngembak tourism park is suitable for children's recreation place.

There are also mini flying fox rides, nets, and other rides for outbound. In addition there is a mini stage in the east. For those who want to hold an event at Ngembak Park, can use this mini stage.

Ngembak Park Tourism located in Rono Wijayan village is one of the popular tourist spots in Ponorogo, so that it can be the right choice for family gathering. In addition to the facilities and the rides is quite complete, the natural atmosphere almost the same to forest tours and mountain nature in Ponorogo.

How to go to Ngembak?
This tourism park is only about 3 km from Ponorogo downtown. Therefore if you have arrived at Seloaji bus terminal, that means you have arrived at the downtown area of Ponorogo. Seloaji Terminal is a bus terminal located in Babadan district, Ponorogo. This terminal connects Ponorogo Regency with various cities / districts. At this terminal, there are various types of public transportation, including intercity buses, mini buses, and angkudes (public transportation).

From the terminal you can ask the terminal information center about public transportation going to Ngembak. They will explain in detail the transportation that will take you to this tourism park.

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