Kalimalang Waterfall

In Ponorogo it turns out there is still another waterfall that needs to be included in the list of tourist attractions that must be visited in Ponorogo, called Kalimalang Waterfall. This waterfall is located at an altitude of about 600 meters above sea level and there you can also feel the fresh water that comes from Mount Wilis. Visitors can play under the splash of waterfalls or just enjoy the beautiful scenery around. For those of you who are not satisfied, you can also camp on the campground that has been provided. By camping you can feel the sensation of staying overnight near waterfalls and among exotic nature.

The natural attractions of Kalimalang Waterfall with the character of large colourful rocks that are so enchanting become a distinctive view of the natural attractions of Kalimalang Waterfall. The beauty of the natural surroundings is able to drive away fatigue and boredom. As a thirsty and hungry release after traveling or playing water in this waterfall, visitors can enjoy teak leaf catfish pecel that can be ordered to the food vendors. Kalimalang Waterfall is located in Temon Village, Sawoo District, Ponorogo Regency.

How to Get There
Kalimalang Waterfall location is close to the location of Kokok Waterfall or Sendang Sawoo, if you visit here you will get this spot as well as a bonus and is no less good than the main spot. With the route from Sawoo market turn left to Tumpak Pelem T-junction approximately 7 kilometres, after arriving at the T-junction take the left road to Temon Village where Kalimalang Waterfall exist.

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