Shoe and Sandal Production in Wedoro

Colonel Sugiono Joint Streets Wedoro Waru Sidoarjo is solid then man grass. Parking area for two wheels has been full. All outlets have been opened and ready to greet the buyer with each pledge product.

Wedoro village, Waru district, Sidoarjo regency is known as industrial centre of sandal and shoe since long time ago. Not only that, it also has batik and ‘tempe’ product. Start in 1978 shoe and sandal craft in this place has been progress and marked by the increase of the crafter and product. The material that applied for this craft is leather. Its distribution is still relying on the merchants in Turi Market, Supermarket, Blauran Market.

During through years do transaction with the merchants; the crafter often feel harmed by payment system that apply giro billet, the payment due often imprecise and there is a cutting equal to 4-5% per month. Finally they try for self-supporting with open a showroom so that they can sell directly. The other constraint is the expensive of the main material price especially spoons and glue because distribution line length. Therefore, the crafters hope the role of government to create regulation that supporting their business.

The product that yielded by the crafter is hardly variety and innovative. There are always newest model each month. They claimed for that purpose, because if they don’t do it, they will lose their business.

In this area, sandal and shoe product price range between Rp 5000, - until Rp 35000, -. Even sometimes moment it has sold Rp 10000, - (3 sandal tides). Product that sold in Wedoro is not only made of local crafter but also there are external product for example Bogor and Bandung.

The number of outlet up to June 2003 has reach 210. While, the amounts of the crafter that noted by the Shoe and Sandal Business Association is 600. The production ability of the crafter is 100 gorsier / week / crafter. In Waru district Sidoarjo regency, there are 17 villages, 9 part of it is the centre of sandal and shoe industrial that is Wedoro, Kepuh Kiriman, Brebek, Wadung Asri, Tambak Rejo, Ngingas, Tropodo, and Janti.

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