Surabaya Citra Raya Real Estate

In 1989, PT Ciputra Surya Tbk was become the pioneer of 'Kota Mandiri' development in Western Surabaya. The first company project is Surabaya Citra Raya Real Estate that opened in 1993. The real estate resides in an area with width of 1126 hectares and as the development project of the biggest Real Estate in East Java.

Today, Surabaya Citra Raya is known as The Singapore of Surabaya for its clean, modern and green town. This luxurious housing was built with inwrought security and safety system, power cable tissue system, telephone and polarization of water stay underground so that if there is any repair needed, it is not necessary to dig and cover hole. Everything can be done swiftly and practically. It is supported by various facilities like golf courses and family club, international school, shopping market, and other.

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