The Railway Station of Market Turi

Pasar Turi meant "Turi Market". It is named that way because formerly, the public to make it delicious cookery often applies Turi tree leaf. The trees thrive around this area.

Turi Market Station is located in north side of Surabaya city. Nearby Turi Market that is traditional market selling various requirement of family. Start from shoe, sandal until hair business. This market is known as grocery market and retail, bag, shoe, utensil and furniture, clothes, accessories, worker equipment and others.

Turi Market Station is serve north coast route of Java, like Semarang, Cirebon and Jakarta. Rapid train ‘Argo Bromo Anggrek’ requires 9 hours to reach Gambir Station Jakarta with maximum speed out of 110 kilometers per hour. It is expected train Argo Bromo presence, this station play important role after Gubeng Station.

When Argo Bromo train is introduced at the first time in 1995, very enthusiastic public response because as alternative transportation to Jakarta besides aeroplane and bus. For passengers who wish to enjoy the journey and have much time hence is hardly suggested to choose supporting facilities for this transportation. Besides that the train is categorized to safe.

Along the time, the executive train is not expensive thing. All factions now travel with train besides more spaciously parted between it chairs, we also able to walk along to eliminate the tired. This station nearby public small industry likes secondhand motor stock, book stock and secondhand magazine, the center of technique equipment commerce.

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