Kelenteng Sanggar Agung Surabaya

Klenteng Sanggar Agung or Hong San Tan temple is a temple for Buddhist, Tao and Kong Hu Cu followers. Located in Sukolilo Street 100, Kenjeran Beach.

Like any other temples that we can find, Sanggar Agung temple has particular in design and also in its atmosphere, the design is very unique and quite sophisticated. From the very inside of the building, the back side is outstandingly amazing with the great goddess of Kwan Im Pouw Sat statue and four statues for the guardians, which is one of them is Kwan Kong, the god of war. There are also two dragons statue over the goddess and the guardians that look strong and firm in 6 meters long. The Kwan Im statue has 20 meters high, and look nice over the beauty of the masterpiece. Those statues are build after less than 2 years from the temple was build.

While, the statues that standing to be the worship statues in Sanggar Agung are, on the left side is Cai Shen Ye, the prosperity God; Guang Sen Di Jong or Kwang Kong, the god of war; Fu De Zheng Shen, the god of happiness and longevity; at the center is Guan Shi Yi Pu Sa or Kwan Im, the goddess of wisdom. On the right side there is, Xuan Tiang Shang Di, the god of medicine; Tai Shang Lao Jun, the god of earth or the founder of Taoism; Tian Shang Sheng Mu, the god mother. Each of them have its own altar to be the worship places among the followers.

The visitors who come to this temple are not only from the followers, but also from those who want to visit and have a look for the temple, adoring the building or taking some photographs. This temple is now become one of the tourism destinations instead of to be the pilgrimage site in Surabaya. Especially for those who give visit to Kenjeran beach, they must be spend the time to Sanggar Agung. Because the location is settled into the same area of Kenjeran beach, then it seems that Sanggar Agung become the complete package that worth to be visited after the beach and The Four Faces Buddha which is located directly in front of the temple.

Sanggar Agung temple become more crowd when Lunar New Year has come, the time when all the Tionghoa ethnic celebrate their new year event. The temple will dominated into red colors and cheerfully appears as a symbol of happiness among the people. Moreover, this temple is also have some celebrating events related with Chinese holidays or customs, like The Full Moon Celebration or Zhong qiu Pia event or The Kwan Im celebration, .

The existence of Sanggar Agung temple become more attractive because of the location of the temple is situated above the sea water. That makes this temple to be the only temple that build on the top of the sea water.

The early begin of this temple was just the continuity of the family temple from Loe Kim Soen, the founder and the father of Soetiadji Yudo, who is the leader of Sanggar Agung Temple. This temple was officially inaugurate on 1999, precisely on the Lunar New Year. The word Sanggar Agung have meaning as A Great Place.

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