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Surabaya, provincial capital of East Java and Indonesia's second largest city, served for over half a millenium as trading port for the inland empires of Java. Situated at the mouth of the Brantas River, the city was officially founded in 1293 when raden Wijaya established Majapahit, Indonesia’s most glorious empire on the site of a legendary battle between a shark (sura) and crocodile (baya). Surabaya, known as the “City of Heroes” because of its role in nation’s independence struggle, has grown into an elegant city of large, colonnaded buildings bordering broad, tree shaded avenues. It serves as the commercial centre of athriving industrial and agricultural hinterland. The city’s historical sites include Kali Mas harbour with its tall-mastered trading schooners and, nearby, the narrow alleyways and shops of the Arab quarter, redolent of the Middle East.

The historic Hotel Majapahit, where Indonesia’s war of independence was begun, and the elegant Grahadi State Buildings, an 18th century mansion, have been restored as monuments to an era of colonial grace. Surabaya is also home to one of Southeast Asia’s oldest and largest zoos. For travelers in East Java , Surabaya serves as a convenient base for exploring the regions many charms, including Mt. Bromo, the cool mountain retreats of Tretes and Malang and the natural wonders of several nature reserves.

East Java is one the republic of Indonesia’s 33 provinces, occupying on area of some 48.000 square kilometers just south of the equator. Including the island of Madura, it accounts for a little more than a third of Java’s total land surface and supports a population of almost 33,000,00 in habitants. To the east, across a narrow strait, lies the island of Bali, to the west are the provinces of Central Java and the special the region of Yogyakarta.

Surabaya, is the commercial and administrative capital of East Java, a thriving business and industrial center and province’s main port. Second only to Jakarta in size and importance, the city has population of around 3 million residents. From the port area of Tanjung Perak ferries leave regularly for Madura, and air services to and from Surabaya’s Juanda Airport connect the city with Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Bali and other parts of Indonesia. Surabaya is a progressive capital undergoing rapid change. In fact, Surabaya now enjoys the reputation as being the cleanest city in Indonesia, equipped with every modern facility and offering a standard of accommodation to suit every taste and budget. As Industrial City, a tour around the estate will give you good nation of its considerable size and the variety of companies located there. Surabaya is also famous as the best city for shopping.

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