Suramadu National Bridge

Suramadu national bridge is is the bridge that crosses the Madura Strait, connecting Java island (in Surabaya) and Madura Island (in Bangkalan, exactly east Kamal). It has length of 5438 m, and makes this bridge become the longest bridge in Indonesia today. At early construction the bridge was inaugurated by President Megawati Sukarnoputri on August 20, 2003 and its opening was inaugurated by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on 10 June 2009.

This bridge was built in case of developing the economic structure of Madura Island, which is relatively low compared to other regions in East Java. Suramadu Bridge is consist of three parts, which is the causeway, the approach bridge, and the main bridge. The Causeway was built to connect the construction of bridges by road through shallow waters on both sides. Approach bridge connecting the main bridge to the Causeway. While, the main bridge consists of three parts: two side spans for about 192 meters long and one main span of 434 meters.

The main bridge using a cable stayed construction supported by the twin towers for about 140 meters. And the main bridge deck is using composite construction dor 2.4 meters thick. To accommodate the cruise ships crossing the Madura Strait, this bridge are provides free space for about 35 meters above sea level. This part was caused the restoration becomes more difficult and hampered and pend more cost for it.

This is also the first toll bridge in Indonesia, which is initially set at Rp. 30,000 for four-wheeled vehicles and Rp. 3,000 for two-wheeler. Now the possibility to access Madura Island is easier to reach and do not need much more time to get. The visitors will experience the great moment crossing over the ocean and see the blue Madura Strait coming over. At night, the bridge is become more pretty for the moving and colorful light is like the dancing fountain over the sky.

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