Turi Market - (Pasar Turi) Surabaya

It is under management of Unit Pelaksana Pusat Pertokoan dan Perbelanjaan Pasar Turi (The Center of Turi Market Shops and Buying Management Unit).
Turi Market consisted of New and Old Turi Market. Each consisted of three floors building. The Old Turi Market has allocated for shoe merchant, grocery sandal, dressmaker and basic necessities. While New Turi Market is destined for all goods type like household equipments, adult and children clothes, bicycle until requirement of electronic.

At elementary floor south side spread food kiosk of Surabaya typical like rujak, hodgepodge, broiled, curry soup etc. Turi Market is always crowded visited more than anything else is Saturday and Sunday. Turi Market is grocers market and retail that opened start at 0900 Am to 1600 Pm. This market stays close to the Heroes Monument about 300 meters.

The interesting things of Turi market, is its visitors that come from under faction until upper crust because the mean price is relative cheap. When we feel run down to bring expense goods there, the freight coolies ready to offer their service. Not all the visitors know that in Turi market also available freight car service like angguna and pick-up by dicker.

To reach Turi market, there are some alternative lines that gone through apply public transport. Lyn BP Balong Panggang-Pasar Turi, Lyn C Demak-Blauran-Karang Menjangan, Lyn D Joyoboyo-Pasar Turi-Sidorame, Lyn RT Rungkut-Pasar Turi. Sunday is the visitor day favorite that each other busy to bargain.

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