PTPN XI Building

HVA (Handelsvereeniging Amsterdam) building now become PT. Plantation Nusantara XI (Persero) building, which located in Merak Street 1; Surabaya had built on 1920 and finished on 1925. Its designer is famous architect bureau from Batavia, Hulswit, Fermont & Ed. Cuypers. HVA building is the biggest building in Surabaya (finished about 3000 M3 concrete). Its architect tries to bring the local traditional elements as it decorative manner, to give the local identity characteristic. Now this building still be looked after carefully.

PT. Perkebunan Nusantara XI, generally known as PTPN XI (Persero), is one of State owned Enterprises (BUMN) involving its business in sugarcane plantation, which produces sugar as the main product, and molasses in form of alcohol and methylated spirit.

The history of the company started with nationalization of foreign plantation companies owned by Dutch colonial by the government of Indonesia in 1958 to become State Plantation Company.

In 1968, PPN was once again restructured to become a number of units of State Plantation Company (PPN) where later in 1972 the legal status of the company was changed into limited liability Company of PT Perkebunan (Persero). In the efforts to improve efficiency and effectiveness of state owned companies (BUMN), the government made restructuring program of State owned Plantation companies through merger program which is based on exploitation areas of the companies. The program was started with management merger in 1994 where 2 states owned plantation companies, namely PT Perkebunan XX (Persero) and PT Perkebunan Nusantara XXIV – XXV (Persero) were merged into a single management of PT Perkebunan XI (Persero).

Through the Government Regulation Number 8 1996 dated 14 February 1996, both of the companies were then merged to become PT Perkebunan Nusantara XI (Persero) domiciled in Surabaya.

PT. Perkebunan Nusantara XI (Persero) was established by Notary Deed of Harun Kamil, SH, No. 44 Dated 11 March 1996 and has been amended and approved by the minister of Justice of the Republic of Indonesia through a letter No. C2-21048.HT.01.04. Year 2002 dated 29 October 2002 made by Notary Sri Rahayu Hadi Prasetyo, SH

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