Petekan Bridge Surabaya " Ophaalbrug"

The old bridge has been split Kalimas River and has estuary in Madura strait. This bridge is located in Ujung area, at north side of Surabaya, recognized as "Jembatan Petekan". The words of "Petekan" is come from Javanese with the headword "Petek" means depressed, so that if we describe this bridge name is if mechanic knob from this bridge "dipetek" or depressed, hence the bridge will opened.

NV Braat and Co. makes the bridge, which in Dutch language called "Ophaalbrug", around of 1900. The bridge is design able to boost up and degraded because at that moment Kalimas River become the main transportation line of traditional boat, which bring goods to the commerce area in Kembang Jepun.

Petekan Bridge stays about 100 meters from the main gate to The Head Quarters Command of East Region of Indonesia Republic, which is one of Indonesia Military Navy bases.

This bridge is strategic and its located is nearby to Sunan Ampel Mosque, Tanjung Perak seaport as the main economics area and transportation in Indonesia East area. The other installation military like The Head Quarters Command of Marine, Navy Academy, "Lantamal" and other big industry.

Talk about Petekan Bridge, is always related to Kalimas port, which is the first port in Surabaya, traditional individuality. Ahead from this port, we can step into Surabaya, through "Jembatan Merah", up to Grahadi, the residence of the Governor.

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