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East Java, like the other part of Indonesia archipelago, has the same climate, tropical/climate with two famous seasons : rainy-season (October - April) and dry-season (May - September). The average temperature is 19° - 30° C. It is sunny in East Java, 70% - 80% of the year in the northern area, 60% - 70% in the central area and less than 60% in the mountains.

The population of about 33 million consist of races of Javanese, Madurese, Tenggerese and the rests are outsiders, the Javanese mostly live in the Western part, the Tenggerese on the highland of Tengger at Mt. Bromo while the Madurese live in the Eastern part and the Island of Madura. Islam is adhered by most of the people while Hindu is dominantly followed by the Tenggerese instead of Christian and Buddha as the other religions with their own followers.
The people mainly live on agriculture with rice as the most important product beside other plantation products like : corn, sugar cane, coffee, tobacco, cocoa, cloves, spices, etc. Other products of mining such as : sulphur, oil, onyx, marble and many others can offer wider job opportunity to the people and to make East Java's economy grow better more over when tourism is developing rapidly in this region nowadays and playing its important role in increasing the people's income by involving themselves in various sectors instead of agriculture supporting tourism industry among other things in home and small scale industries.

Indonesians are, generally speaking, courteous, soft-spoken and conservative in dress and behaviour. Don't raise your voice or be confrontational someone in public is a grave insult. As with other Asian countries, personal appearances is very important. In Moslem society, the left hand is considered unclean, so be careful to receive and present things with your right hand, especially food. Pork and alcohol are also unwelcome, and be sure not to point the soles of your feet at someone or pat people on the head or back-this is considered impolite, if not offensive.

Travellers to Indonesia must be in possession of a passport valid for at least six months after arrival. No visa required from national of 42 countries for a visit not exceeding two months time. A Tourist visa for 60 days can be obtained on application to Indonesia Embassies or Consulates in their respective countries while any extension is at the direction of the immigration authorities.
Airport tax of Rp. 21.000,00 is levied by the authorities for International travels, while for Sukarno-Hatta is Rp. 28.000,00. Domestic-travel airport tax varies depending upon the airport of departure with an additional Rp. 500,00 for insurance per person per flight.

Valid vaccination certificates of small-fox, cholera and yellow fever are required from those coming from infected areas. Considering that Indonesia is a tropical resort, visitors should be aware of getting sunburn, so it is advisable to wear a hat as protection from the fierceness of midday sun. Medicines can be obtained from local drug-store called "apotik" in conformity with doctor's prescription.











The World is blessed with everything. A tropical paradise, but there's only one real beauty a singular combination of scenic wonders and cultural heritage . From friendly people to smoking Volcano, Welcome to East Java with 38 regencies and its people.

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