Batu Tourism

Batu is the new regency of east java, but is has many kinds of nature potency. The potency can see from the agro product properties, fruit, and vegetable, and mountain panorama and hilly. Batu has explored its effort to show its tourism nature potency.

Songgoriti Temple is located in a dale dissociating between mountainsides of Arjuna with mountainside of Kawi. This temple has built to temperature wellspring had believed able to heal various diseases.

Selecta is tourism object that offering the ruthless of air with wide location area around 20ha. This place has swimming pool facility, flowerbed, hotel, restaurant, and playground.

East Java Park may have said as tourism object that different in East Java province, because besides offering to tourist to have recreation and for learnt, because we will get new knowledge besides entertainment amusement.

Coban Talun is a beautiful waterfall that has its own characteristic. The big rock of white stone have predominate the contents of river. The waterfall is lying between the big stones.

Cangar is a mountain tourism that has its warm bath and swimming pool. Besides its bath and swim in temperature basin, we also able to enjoy the nature scenery of Mount Welirang and Mount Arjuna.

The unforgettable experience can found here after visiting apple plantation, flower, coffee, strawberry, and hydro phonic vegetables (non-insecticide).

Here is ordinary performed event or paralayang champion both international and national storey. Mount Banyak also has beautiful natural scenery.

Mount Panderman is very famous as place of hiking tourism. If reach top of the mountain Panderman, hence we can see beautiful nature scenery and can see Batu city and Malang from the top.

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