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Jember has beautiful views along the beach. In the northern and eastern part of Jember, there are mountain ranges that make this areas have some spectacular natural sight waterfalls. Jember is also famous for its plantations areas. Therefore there are a lot of foreign tourists who like this agro tourism.

WATU ULO BEACH Watu Ulo is one of the tourist objects, which lie in the side of Indonesian ocean that has beautiful panorama, and it is the right place for enjoying the sea.

PAPUMA BEACH Papuma beach with its white sands that make its more interesting. Along the beach, beautiful white sands spread to see and to enjoy on walking. The beach is always used as the place for sunbathing by foreign tourists.

PASEBAN BEACH The visitors can enjoy the wave splash, spreading white sand on the land that is enjoyable to step on. Besides enjoying the wave splash, the visitors can also swim on the sea due to the calm waves. Sometimes the visitors can sunbathe, especially for foreign visitors.

PUGER BEACH Puger Beach is famous for selling of auction fish. The visitors can not only enjoy the beauty of the sea but also see the traditional wooden ship 'prau'.

BANDE ALIT BEACH This beach is famous for the calm waves and the beauty of the flora. Bandealit is very suitable for the visitors who like off road activities because of the hard road to get there. In Bandealit the visitors can do hiking, fishing and windsurfing.

MANGGISAN WATERFALL The clear and cool water splash over the edge of a stone cliff into a river below makes this waterfall has a spectacular natural sight. Some visitors can make camps around the waterfall area.

TANCAK WATERFALL This is one of the highest waterfalls in Jember Regency. That makes this waterfall one of the reliable and spectacular natural tourist objects. Around the waterfall area, the visitors can enjoy the coffee agro tourism on Pasang Mountain.

LERENG RAUNG WATERALL The beautiful panorama will increase the visitor’s glance because of Durian aroma, especially when the durian trees are fruiting. The visitors who enjoy the beauty of Lereng Raung Waterfalls will be fresh by eating Durian.

BEDADUNG HILL PANORAMA The visitors with their family can ride water cycling boat, enjoy swimming pool and other facilities for kids. Another recreational activity is fishing while the families are enjoying the recreation.

OLENG SIBUTONG. Oleng Sibutong Swimming pool, 10 km northwest of Jember, is suitable for family recreation.

REMBANGAN PANORAMA Because of the fresh air and beautiful panorama, this tourism object is precisely called resort destination. By preparing to swim in the pool in the early morning, the visitors can see sunrise clearly. From Rembangan as far as the visitors glance, they can see blue skies, green plants, and singing birds.

PATEMON SWIMMING POOL The beauty and the cool water in Patemon swimming pool, are very nice to enjoy. The visitors not only swim but also have nostalgia. The beautiful view with the cool pleasant air is good for recreation center.

KEBON AGUNG SWIMMING POOL This swimming pool has nice, fresh air, for visitors beside hotel, cafeteria and kids' playing facilities. Being located in central town makes it easy to visit by all vehicles.

LORY TOUR Going on a trip by lorry from Garahan to Merawan tunnel is safe and enjoyable trip. The lorry agro tourism is also famous for nostalgic trip for Dutch and European tourists.

TEA AGRO TOURISM Fresh air makes visitors able to watch directly 1918,1923,1927 planted tea trees and beer tea processing from picking up to packaging. Even, all visitors can have tea taste and tea walk in the morning.

LOKO TOUR The foreign visitors can make nostalgic tour by steam loco for 2 hours as well as they can see the beautiful view along the trip.

CIGAR AGRO TOURISM Cigar is made of rolled dried tobacco leaves as the wrapper, binders as well as the fillers. All visitors coming to the company can see the process of cultivating of seedlings, drying tobacco leaves, picking as well as the making of the cigars.

PILGRIM TOURISM TOUR The Turba Condro cemeteries are located 1 km from the central of Jember. They are the burial places for the Islam religious leaders like M. Shiddiq. Mbah shiddiq is the greatest Moslem leader who spread Islam religion in this area.

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