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The capital of East Java is located on the northeast of Java Island. The city encompasses 290,44 sq km and is inhabited by more than 3 million people. Today`s reality is mundane by comparison. Surabaya is a warm, sprawling city. The primarily centre for trade, finance and manufacturing, over the past few years the latest developments include the establishment of some new residential suburbs and a large industrial estate at Rungkut in the southeast of the city. As the second biggest city in Indonesia, Surabaya is proud to be awarded the Nugraha Adipura, the supreme token of recognition for urban cleanliness. All the more reason then, to visit Surabaya, the `Adipura City'.

Tugu Pahlawan, the Heroes Monument is a tall commemorative monument standing aloof and proud in the centre of the main city square, located in Taman Kebon Rojo opposite the East Java Governor's Office in Jalan Pahlawan. It was erected in honour of the merits and sacrifices of the heroes fallen during the "Battle of Surabaya". The monument becomes a centre of Major attention every November 10th, "The Heroes' Days", the day when the nation commemorates those who died during the war of independence.
Grahadi is the convention hall and the official residence of East Java's Governor. Its official status can be seen from the huge flagpole and the cannons exhibited on the lawn. The building itself reminds us of the Dutch Colonialism in Indonesia. Official ceremonies are usually held at the Grahadi's park. Across the street, facing Grahadi, is the statue of East Java's first Governor, Mr. Soerjo. Behind the park, where the statue of Mr. Soerjo is stands, there is a statue known as `Joko Dolog'. It stands in a secluded garden, and believed to have been created by Kertanegara, the last king of the 13th century dynasty of Singosari.
As an ethnographic and archeological museum, Mpu Tantular exhibits relics from prehistorically eras, stone relics from the Majapahit period, Chinese/Anamneses/ Majapahit ceramics, Wayang figures, pictures of Old Surabaya, and early batik making equipment. The museum is located opposite the Surabaya Zoo.
The zoo, located at Setail Street 1, is said to be the largest zoo in South East Asia.
The zoo is well stocked and offers a good selection of different kinds of animals, such as monkeys, deer’s, zebras, lions, elephants, camels, the famous Komodo Dragons, and many more.
Comprising a two kilometre stretch of warehouses and wharwaves along the eastward flank of Tanjung Perak, Kali Mas is a living history of Surabaya's maritime heritage where of carts and human toil continue to fill and empty the holds of broad-beamed pinisi schooners much as they have for 600 years. Timber from Kalimantan, glassware from Sulawesi, motorcycles, plastic, grain, powdered milk - any cargo too small or destined for too remote a location to warrant container shipment find its way aboard the tall mated sailing ships of Kali Mas. Best visited in the morning before the sun climbs too high and the schooners set sail.
Located along the western bank of the Kayoon River is an evening recreation park. Typical East Java food of fared by some hawkers can be tried and tasted here. North of the Kayoon Park is KAYOON FLOWER MARKET, stocked with flowers from the nearby mountain resorts, sells a great number of tropical flowers and colorful aquarium fishes. It's worth visiting.
The Qubah Quarter is located nearby Red Bridge. Narrow, colorful streets are reminiscent of the Middle East, yet not quite the same. At the centre of this old and seemingly separate part of the city is the tomb of Sunan Ampel, whose spirit still seems to live among his descendants. At Kampung Arab, there is the chance to do some additional shopping like rare oils, potions, and other exotic wares.
The Red Bridge is the site of the most savage battle of the revolution in Java. Here where the `Great Battle of Surabaya' took place on November 10, 1945, Three months after the Proclamation Independence. Further down from the Red Bridge is the area known as China Town with its typical, old Chinese buildings, This is Surabaya's section of business and trade.

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