Trenggalek Tourism

Trenggalek has been known as one of the regencies with in East Java Province since the Dutch Government. This regency is decided into 14 sub districts consisting of 157 villages (152 villages and 5 sub districts). Trenggalek covers of 126.140 Ha, two third of which is mountainous and the rest is lowland. And tourism places which is as exciting as other object.

There are nine big spaces in the cave, which are decorated with magnificent Stalactite and Stalagmite. Lowo Cave is the biggest cave in Asia to enjoy the wonder and beauty of the cave, there are bridges and artistic electric lamps a long the cave

Constitutes the most beautiful natural tourism object in Trenggalek Regency. Equipped with such facilities such as; Parking Area, Camping Site / Ground, Sport Center, Hotels, Restaurants, etc.

The beach is 1,5 Km long with its White sand, gullet and clear water which enables the tourists to take a bath. This beach is facilitated with a cottage, a hotel and boats rental.

It is natural beach, located in Karanggandu village, about 5 Km south - west of Prigi the local Government will develop this potential tourist objects and completed with representative facilities.

Along the hilly road to Pelang, you will enjoy the scenery of hills at a very unique configuration. One of the hills, from a distance, looks just like a giant pole towering among the others. You'd think that you'd never be able to get close to it.

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