Tulungagung Tourism

Tulungagung Regency part of Province of East Java, resides in south cleft, faced to Indonesia Ocean. Traveled distance about 3 hours from Surabaya city with public vehicle. Based on topography divisible Tulung Agung become 3 expansion regions.

Lawean Waterfall is one of tourism potency of Tulung Agung Regency resides in Turi coutryside, Geger village, Sendang district ± 25 occidental direction km from Tulung Agung city, part of bevel wilis with height ±1200 m to sea surface.

In this area is equipped by gazebo, home stay, garden, place of parking, fishing, speed board, lodging and place of folk art staging. In this area also has many there of crops / durian fruit. It is said this barrage is the biggest in Southeast Asia.

The Popoh area can be enjoyed " Reco Sewu" tourism object and high seas. Along the length of journey of towards Popoh, there is crafting diligence of stone onyx as souvenir typical of Tulung Agung is earning we to have it.

This beach individuality is approximant every morning if weather support we can witness directly sunrise on the sea free.

In Tulung Agung there are some other coasts between its: Molang beach, Dlodo beach, Brumbun beach, Gerangan beach, etc. all of them are Hindia (Indonesia) ocean area.

Wajak area is stay in 2,5 km southerly of Tulung Agung city. Wajak Boyolalu Area have many tourism objects such as; Cuban Condo, Sanggrahan temple, Dadi temple, Gayatri temple, Pasir cave, Selomangleng cave, Sumber Urip, and Umpak and Wantilan.

Temple, which is made during Sri Wikrawardhana government from Majapahit had made from red brick raw material. Temple Mirigambar the only temple that relieved story Angling Dharma.

Marble stone is sub-province natural resources Tulung Agung, which in the form of stone mount, reside in Besole countryside, Campurdarat district, ± 18 km southward of Tulung Agung city as marble producer, this area has many onyx workers.

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