Pacitan Tourism

Pacitan is laying in mountain area back part east Seribu mountain, also stay at part of south Java Island with spread around 80 km and wide 25 km. Mountain Soil A thousand own have individuality, which its soil predominated by sediment of limestone cobble, mixed.

This coast faced to Pantai Selatan with extent of white sand along the length of approximately 3 Km. This coast is also applied for Fish Landing-Place (TPI) so that the visitors can buy fresh fish.

Srau Beach resides in district region of Pringkuku, Regency Pacitan, which the distance approximately 25 Km towards town west Pacitan earn passed by with common vehicle and person. White sandy coast this hardly suited for activity of fishing rod arena samodra.

Klayar Beach resides in district region of Donorojo Regency Pacitan is a parting it is more or less 35 Km towards town west Pacitan. This white sandy coastal has an idiosyncrasy that is existence of Flute Sea that is once in a while whistle between reef gap and blast waved. Despitefully also there is A real natural Water Fountain Indah. This Water “mancur” happened because wave pressure Air Sea, which hit the bank hollow rock.

This coast located in countryside Sidomulyo district of Ngadirajo which the distance is about 50 Km from Regency Capital City and easy to drive with all vehicle. Coastal with its white sand facing to south coast which length 2 Km.

Beauty of Stalagnit and stalagmite is hardly make surprise immortalized by the name of Selo Cengger Bumi, Spandrel Cello Giri, Selo Citro Cipto Agung, Cello Pakuan Bomo, Cello Adi Citro Buwono, Cello Bantaran Wind and Cello Susuh Wind.

Actually present the line of stalagmite at mountain of chalk is ordinary something but its form special with length until seven meter with approximant diameter one meter making differ in from other. It is called as Tabuhan cave because if lapped will yield sound like the rhythm of Java instrument.

Wellspring is still save various main special qualities and benefit for health and body fitness. This bath called “ Tirto Husodo “ now has been built two places; bathing, two swimming pool and hotels.

This ceprotan Ceremony have become an event that is entering the calendar Tourism of East Java. This ceremony is activity of tradition of custom in Sekar countryside. Hereditarily is the always executed per annum in Dulkangidah (lngkang) friday or Monday. This activity meant in memory of the village Legend that is goddess Sekartaji and Panji Asmorobangun through activity of countryside cleanness.

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