Situbondo Tourism

Situbondo is one districts in Eastjava, which lies on the north coast between Probolinggo and Banyuwangi. To get to Situbondo, it takes about 4 hours from Surabaya and 5 hours from Denpasar Bali. Situbondo is one tourism destinations in Eastjava that is very attractive to visit : beautiful beaches, mountains, hills, forests, and historical heritages of Dutch colonial.

You can enjoy the panorama of savannah and Baluran Volcano (inactive volcano) in the center of area that becomes habitat of many exotic animals such as wild pigs, deer, peacocks, wild chicken, some species af monkeys and also bulls as the protected animals in the area. You can enjoy the amazing scenery of the forest and do the safari activities in the wild life and feel the magic of the forest. This park is so unique because 15 km from the main entrance, yau can find a beautiful white beach called Bama Beach,here in the habiatof coral reef, fish and mangrove.

That was the origin of Setancak Waterfall, these is another attractive panorama there can be see only at 6 A.M and 5 P.M. From an old story, Setancak waterfall is a placefor those swallow to take a bath.

It’s one of the harbor in Situbondo. You can see attractive tourism object among other things shippier for the ship to dock in, with destination Situbondo to kalianget (Madura).

The tourist object of Kaya mas plantation offers you the mountains panorama with fresh and natural air. In this coffee plantation you can see the coffee milk of a Dutch government heritage, and you also can enjoy the view of oranges plants, stinking beans (local vegetable) and avocados.

In here you will see the natural beach and the fanastic panorama when sunset. In the west of pathek beach, you can see the proof of history.

Pasir Putih Beach is a maritime and nature tourism object becouse it lies between a sea and a mountain. The sea, the beach, the forest and the mountain are the main tourist attractions you can enjoy. The tourist can diving, canoeing, swimming, sailling, and sun bathing in this beach.

On the Rengganis Peak, you will also find an old building of the kingdom Rengganis Goddes - 2,300 meters above the sea level. Mount Argopuro is an animal preservation area because of the population of peacooks and the beauty is so spectacular due to some reason.

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