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The situation of Height of soil land ground in Jombang district is consisted of 0 to 500 meters height on the sea broadly 110152, 10 Ha, 500 to 700 meters as width as 5075,6 Ha and to 1000 meters as width as 722,2 Ha. From that condition Jombang regency has variety of beautiful nature and another interesting tourism potency.

SIGOLO GOLO CAVE What make something interest from this cave is the visitor must pass a real footpath complicated length and must take a ride the stones on the cave’s wall before reaching the cave. This thing is very compatible for visitor who loving nature and like challenge, because along the length of journey pampered by the greenness of natural forest which so friendly and although on the left and right side is crevasses, but it is not fearful.

SUMBER BOTO The natural glamour is very beautiful, green and cool, with luxury mountain background and fresh air, are peaceful condition for us. There are park natural design around it, here is also has game of child, wide swimming pool and limpid, because the water flow directly from the mountain which transparent, cold and cool.

KEDUNG CINET Kedung Cinet so dynamic, its nature fascinating makes everyone interesting to see it. It is between the greenness forests, the flow away of river and the transparent scraping stones that seem to be whiteness, and make the natural beauty. Kedung Cinet, is a profile of forest tourism that awaking beauty in Jombang area.

SUMBER PENGANTEN Why Sumber Penganten trusted, have strength “magic"? There are various opinions in public that, everyone who taking a bath in the night, being assumed be good, and will get a benediction. Therefore, it makes many visitor intending 'spare time' in this pool to get a benediction. Even they usually has something meditation at Sumber Penganten, although it has hidden place.

TAMAN TIRTA WISATA Cold climate, transparent water lake, fishing rod pool, swimming pool of child and adult, tennis court for having sport, and Fresh Park, which is beautiful with the balcony, is an interesting situation to be relax when having recreation with family. It is an image of Tirta Wisata or which is had recognized as Keplaksari.

TRETES WATERFALL The interesting thing from this Tretes waterfall is the natural existence. The visitors have pampered by the waterfall situation that flowing from the mountain, also the green natural. Stones which being let scatter, the mound that being grow by trees add the fascination around of forest before reaching this waterfall.

SRITI CAVE Goa Sriti, very suited for place of resting the tired visitor after walk away then clean up their face by its water from cave's wall. From various stories, at that time, this cave is said the place of meditation the empire member of Majapahit and the place of hideaway '' nyepi" from the bustle of Majapahit town.

SENDANG MADE Besides Sendang Made, there is other smaller pool around such as; Sendang Payung, Sendang Padusan, Sendang Drajat, Sendang Sinden, and Sendang Omben. The other uniquely, we had not allowed to build or have renovation for any building around this Sendang Made.

ARIMBI TEMPLE This temple looks that still loaded and sturdy with history value. Physically, Arimbi temple is not too big. Nevertheless, from the history side, this temple is also one of interesting temples in Java. It said that Arimbi is ' petilasan ' (rest room) of the Majapahit soldier.

SAYID SULAIMAN GRAVE An activity of ritual pilgrimage to this Mbah Sayyid Sulaiman grave take place with thousands of people who coming from various place, Java or even from outside of Java.

KLENTENG HON SAN KIONG Klenteng "Hong San Kiong" located in Gudo, Jombang. Besides known as religious place of Tri Dharma (Tios, Budha, and Konghucu) also functioned as place to get drug. The interesting point is the visitors who want to get drug are not only from the member itself, but also come from other religion members.

KH. HASYIM ASHY’ARI GRAVE KH. Hasyim Asy'ari grave also has visited by other state figures. Even his popularity has known well. The overseas figure assumes KH. Hasyim Asy'ari is one of figure that had considered in the world because his intelligence and his ability in theology aspect.

GUNUNG PUNCUNG GRAVE Puncung mountain grave is a grave that located in beautiful mountainside to see. In the bevel of ‘puncung’, it said that place of respected man grave. Hence, it is not strange if they’re many pilgrims who coming just for simply "benediction" wishes for their living and pray for his grave.

THE PRINCE BENOWO GRAVE The Prince Benowo Grave is the symbol and eyewitness that still enjoyed up to now. The history of Prince Benowo Grave is beginning from the figure of Prince Benowo self who is an adventurer. From that point above, the Benowo Prince Grave is always get a lot of visitor because trusted to be miraculous in his life history.

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