Nganjuk Tourism

Nganjuk regency is one of the tourism object in East Java which has some of the charming tourist attractions. The beautiful panorama of tourist resorts, the memorable of the historical site and enchanting of the culture and art of Nganjuk regency are the reasons to visit this location. It also has some tourism facilities which support this place to become a funtastic tourism object, such as; hotels, restaurants, etc.

Sedudo Waterfall is located at the foot of Mount. Wilis, like many other falls; clear water, falls, and fresh air. But this waterfall wells in Java is believed to be something of a fountain of youth, especially during the first month of the Javanese year, will be blessed with eternal youth.

This location is a beautiful village, which has beautiful pine trees forest, crystal clear river and boast of several waterfall. This location is challenging and very beautiful.

According to the historian, based on that temple form, this temple has made in XV century (Majapahit era). Phisically, this temple has broken and it can not identify anymore. It leave the main of the temple, that has four relief.

This Temple was built by Mpu Sendok as his sign of his war with Melayu in the year of Saka 859 or 937 M. Phisically, this temple has broke because it is very old. Its height is 9,3 m and made from red bricks.

This cave is very comfortable for adventures, because its natural condition. The wide of this cave is 15 m and 50 m length. Beside this cave, there is also Lawa cave, Lemah Jeblog cave, Gondel cave, Bale cave and Pawon cave.

It is located in Nganjuk city, and inside it, there are many goods from the Hinduism culture, Doho, and Majapahit which were found in Nganjuk area. In that area, was also found an ancient inscription about the establishment of Nganjuk municipal.

In this place, Jendral Soedirman was once spending the night and giving a struggle briefing before continuing his journey to Ponorogo.

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