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Ngawi Regency is decorated with two big rivers and their stream, a large piece of lime mountain land, and a big piece of fertile mountain land and most of its region constitutes a big piece of fertile plains between the two mountains and rivers mentioned above. The Solo river flows from west, confining the land of lime mountain in the region of North Ngawi (Kendeng mountain/Kapur Tengah, Mediterranean and Litosol type of land covers 35 % of Ngawi Region) with fertile plains extends in the central region of Ngawi (Grumoso land type), covers 43 % of Ngawi Region till it touches the foot of mount Lawu in the south west angle.

Srampang Waterfall, constitutes the pearl of tourism which is concealed in the forest of Lawu mountain. It is a pity that 11 year, the beauty of this place is only enjoyed by the animals, trees and stones in the forest.

Srigati Pilgrimage Complex in the hinter land of Paron Sub-District, in the region of Ketonggo forest (15 kilometers from Ngawi) is a contemplating place for believers.

Like other natural tourist resort, this ecotourism resort also offers the natural panorama that set against the dense teak and mahogany forestry. The specialty, that at the edge of this ecotourism resort the Soerjo Monument has been erected to mark 23 species of rare plants which are

Apart from its beauty the park also provides man-made lake equipped with facilities as canoes, mini animal park, fishing arena, tortoise pond, and swimming pool.

In this complex of myths there are many kinds of facilities such as: the place to keep the fossils any its exposition, fossil laboratory, and others where all of them lie at the side of Solo river. After observing the museum collection and their scientific identifications, then the visitor can enjoy the direction of the side of Solo river from the altitude, we can imagine the fragment of lives of the prehistoric people in the shade of the tropical forest at the side of Solo river, as though we have become apart of them.

It is a popular tourism object among the local tourists. Beside its functions as irrigation purposes, it also offers variety recreational activities such as; fishing, motor boating, camping, playground etc. Pondok Dam is the answer to spend of our day, because it has beautifull and natural scenery.

Jamus Tea Plantation offers a col, refreshing climate, and natural scenery of Mount Lawu foothill. It surrounded by steep, tea trees covered hillside of Mount Lawu, so the visitor can see the panorama of the mountain.

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