Lumajang Tourism

Lumajang is one of East Java Regency that located at coastal area of south of part of East Java Province and famous with the title Banana town. It is about 190 Km northeast directions from Surabaya of the capital town of East Java. This area is located at 112° 53’ - 113° 23’ east longitudes and 7° 54’ - 7° 23’ south longitudes. In 2000, the population is 965, 299 soul and own wide of area 1.790,90 km2. Divisible become 18 Sub district and 200 Countryside.

THE TRIANGLE OF LAKE There are three popular lakes which situated on triangle position; Ranu Klakah, Ranu Bedali, Ranu Pakis. They are attractive redsort background with beautiful mountainous scenery and the beauty of mount lumajang.

RANU PANE REGULO & GEMBOLO LAKE All of it has a beautiful natural panorama. Located at Panupane village senduro district, about 50 km west of Lumajang, on the slope of Bromo and Semeru Mountain. The lakes offer a wide variety of home stay.

MOUNTAIN SEMERU It sends up and impression a mount of thick smokes at regular interval of five minute. It is an active volcano located in Lumajang Regency. On the top of Semeru offer a special ceremony in every independent day and Heroes day.

MANDARA GIRI TEMPLE The great is the ritual resort to where religious visit is carried out by Hindus, especially the Balinese ones who perform MEMENDAK THIRTHA ceremony and MJEJAUMAN ceremony to mount Semeru.

TETES CAVE Tetes Cave is one of the wonders of the natural. The most beautiful cave in Lumajang, containing impressive formations of stalagmite and stalactites which colorful.

SAWUR MOUNTAIN Sawur Mountain is to see volcanoes. Beside for reset, its perfect to visit because it has a beautiful scenery and fresh air, with main facilities such as; Seismograph and Regional Centre Building and also Telescope.

BAMBOO FOREST TOUR The other Lumajang interesting natural tourism is Bamboo Forest Tour. It has beautiful natural panorama, with fresh air and water. There is monkey around it that can called kalong (Javanese).

SEMERU LAKE It has good water and hygiene. Usually people visit it on Sunday and Holiday especially on Idul Fitri day and Lebaran Ketupat. And the facilities are places of change clothes, parking area and the garden.

WATU GODEG BEACH Offering beautiful panorama, amazing waves struck and can be enjoyed on the car.

WATU GEDEG BEACH It’s near from Watu Godeg coast, located at Tempursari, just for about ± 33 km from Lumajang. It also offering beautiful panorama amazing waves struck and can enjoyed on the car.

TLEPUK BEACH Along the beach, there are most of colorful stones. Natural fishing swamp while enjoying the large sea. Offering the fishing swamp, panorama, interesting waves and beautiful rock.

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