Ponorogo Tourism

Tourism sector in Regency Ponorogo have opportunity that is enough prospective to be developed to become industry Tourism capable to in competition with tourism in other area even abroad, this be reasonable, because the tourism object enough having immeasurable and have special characteristic and value is more compared to with other area. Expansion of tourism is not only can increase earnings area original as of eye, more important tourism in Regency. Powered solvent Ponorogo is public so that they feel own. Have, execute, preserve, and in the end earn increase earnings of public with way of giving field job and opportunity tried.

The Ponorogo town square traditionally was the place of Ponorogo community that gathering in various forms of celebration. The Ponorogo town square also became the centre of various official of government activities. In the Town Square could be found lion statues in each corners, and as the center piece was gotten the giant's stage that was used as the main stage in the FESTIVAL of REOG NATIONAL that was held each year along with Grebeg Suro celebration. In the Town Square also was operated by the buggy and the toy carriage.

This region had the amazing panorama, cool air with the maiden nature condition that kept one million potentials to be dug up. We also could met various fruits like: the durian, mangosteens, pundung etc. In the lake also was spread by various fishes.

It is located in the Siman district approximately 3 km to the east from the centre of the city, consisting of the source of water that was supplemented with the playground and the child's swimming pool. Here also often has held the entertainment stage that was aimed for the garden visitor.

There is a source of water (kucur) in the middle of the teak forest that also functioned as the national park but and the camp place.

It is one of the pilgrimage places of Catholics in the Javanese island to honour the Maria. on May 27 1988 It was declared by Mrg. A. J. Dibjakaryana, the Surabaya Bishop with name “Sendang Waluyojatiningsih”.

The waterfall was stratified, very good. It is accordance for anyone who liked the adventure. It need hard efforts to head towards this location because the route was difficult.

It is located in the Sooko subdistrict—30 km from the centre of the city.

It was named Lowo Cave because it is occupied by many bats.
In this cave also was found the archaeological site that had the archaeological value.

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