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Malang, a mountain resort with cool weather and pleasant surrounding, is ideal for taking a rest. It is located 80 km south of Surabaya, and is rich in tourist attractions.

Coban Rondo Waterfall This beautiful waterfall is 28 km northwest of Malang. Its cool and clean water gives a peaceful impression. Near the waterfall is Pujon which is popular for its breeding and vegetable plantation .

Wonosari Tea Plantation Agro Tourism Wonosari, Tea Plantation, Lawang This plantation pleasure gives a special and peaceful impression, beautiful panorama of tea plantation. The plantation is situated at the area on the slope of mount Arjuno, it belongs to Wonosari - Toyomarto village, Singosari Sub District.

Singosari Temple Singosari temple, also known as kendedes temple, was founded in honor to King Kertanegara, the last king of Singosari dynasty who died in 1292 AD

Wendit As an interesting natural swimming pool, the friendly monkeys that would entertain special attraction to the visitors with their joking action can be find here, it present a special recreational spots in order to regain the new spirit.

Mt. Kawi Mt. Kawi is one of the secured mountains in Java with temple and sacred tombs of respected figures of the past, popular among the locals and Chinese.

Jago Temple Located 22 km east of Malang in the Subdistrict of Tumpang. This temple was built to honour King Wisnuwardana from Singosari.

Kidal Temple This temple is situated 28 km east of Malang, and was built to honour Anusapati the King of Singosari Empire, who died in 1290 AD. The temple is ornamented with unique fables on the parts of the wall.

Mt. Bromo This National Park is one of the most beautiful places of interest in East Java. The beauties of mountain covered, give a special and characteristic green plants, arousing great interest. Tenggerese traditional farming a/so makes this famous place being more interesting and attractive. In addition, coo/ and breezy wind a/ways blows freshly giving ever visitor special deep impression a unforgettable memories.

Coban Pelangi Waterfall A beautiful water fall located about 32 km away to the East Malang. It has natural, coo/, and clean water that gives a peaceful impression. This waterfall can be reached on the way to Mount Bromo via Malang.

Poncokusumo Tourist Village A special kind of tourist village (+ 686.2509 ha) lies on the Western slope of mt. Semeru (the highest, mountain in Java) or at the Southern border of Bromo-Tengger -Semeru National Park.

Karangkates Recreation Park This tourist object is not quite different from the recreational parks at other places that Malang Regency has. In this place, however. the visitors can also get peaceful impression by fishing, boating, skiing or just enjoy the beautiful panorama around the lake.

Semeru Agro Tourism A mountainous pleasure on the slope of the highest mountain in Java, beautiful and attractive panorama or special atmosphere can be found here beside the coo/ air that it has. It this area we find a good place for Para-gliding and the Dutch Colonial Remnant.

Ngliyep Beach This splendid rocky beach is located about 62 km south of Malang. Dense forest, camping grounds and traditional ceremonies of Suran and Labuhan attract visitors. Labuhan ceremony is held annually by Malang inhabitants. It has been conducted since 1913 to ask for blessings and welfare, During the ceremony, a goat's head from Mt. Kumbang is released to the sea (see East Java Calendar of Events).

Balekambang Beach Located 57 km south of Malang, this scenic beach looks like Tanah Lot in Bali and is noted for its sea festival "Jalanidhipuja" located 57 km south of Malang. This beach has accommodations, camping grounds and a children park.

Sendang Biru Beach Sendangbiru is one of beach resorts in the Southern part of Malang Regency, which free from tumulous waves of Indian Ocean due to the existence of wild life Sempu Island, about 300 meters offshore.

Malang City Tour Malang City in southwestern Indonesia, on the island of Java, on the Brantas River, at the eastern food of the Semeru Mountains (Pegunungan Semeru), near Surabaya. Malang is a trade center in the agricultural area in which sugar, rice,coffee, tea, corn, peanuts,cassava, and cinchona bark are grown

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