Madiun Tourism

The Madiun regency was the potential tour area that could be proud with his Territory that consisted of the forest and had several object regions and the Attraction of the interesting tour, that is the nature tour, the Interest tour and the cultural Tour. The interest tour often was spread in the Madiun Regency territory in part in Segulung, the famous Dagangan sub district with the beautiful protected forest. In Kare village, Kare Sub district familiar with the Suweru waterfall/Serondo and Agro tour the red and green apples garden, the citrus fruit garden, the orchid garden, the clove garden increased the brightness of the panorama.

This tourist attraction interesting to visited because except the function for the irrigation also for the elicitation pond, the scrap boat, the rowing boat also took part in adorning the environment.

The Control Building of water was for the irrigation managed and developed into the object region and the attraction of the fish elicitation tour. A beautiful panorama because was in the middle of the teak forest tour contained many visitors.

This Waterfall was in the slope of the Wilis Mountain in the height 400 m from sea level. The sources of the Waterfall that come from under the mountains arise above shady trees.

The Pillar of the History was the bitter memory that not forgotten and ought to be recalled by the younger generation of the nation goal in fighting for Pancasila and UUD 1945.

At the school holiday this place was busy visited by adolescents or school children. Facilities that was available are children's toy, encampment.

It seems reportedly to ancient for Madiun municipality relative’s relaxation place and bath. The uniqueness this swimming pool water contained the sulphur that could cure the skin illness.

The Legacy of the Hindu Buddha history and archaeology objects was in this place. The History Object: Panggungan, Punden, the Yellow Symbol, Dakon stone, the Selayur Barn, the Old Well, Sendang Jambangan.

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