October Tourism Calendar

Sapi Sonok Festival

4 October 2015

Sapi Sonok festival is a tradition that held before Kerapan Sapi begins. A pair of cows are decorated with bells ring at the neck and colorful decoration that accompanied by Saronen music.
Location: Kerapan Sapi Field, Sampang (Village Keseneh)

Grebek Suro 2015 And National Reyog Festival XXI

Tanggal 08 s/d 14 October 2015

Grebeg suro is an annual event celebrated every 1st of Muharram (1 Suro in Java) this event is celebrated to commemorate the triumph of the Batarangin or Warok and it also to commemorate the arrival of the new year of Hijriyah.
Location: Main Stage Square, Ponorogo

Kacong Cebbing Tourist ambassador Election

10 October 2015

This is an activity that aims to increase youth participation in the event Sampang achievements and promote the potential / tourist destinations from Sampang.
Location: PKPRI Building. Jl. Rajawali, Sampang

Bull racing at District Level

11 October 2015

This is an annual event that popular in both national and international. At some points, Karapan Sapi is not a regular event, but also a prestige moment for some level of societies in Madura.
Location: Kerapan Sapi Field, Sampang (Village Keseneh)


1 Muharram (14 October 2015)

Suroan is held every 1st of Muharram, the event is a cultural tradition as a gratitude for the blessings and grace of God.
Location: Teleng Ria Beach and Pacitan City Hall

Gebyar Suro "Ngetung Batih" Ceremony.

1 Muharam (14 October 2015)

Gebyar Suro Ngetung Batih ceremony is an annual event from Dongko society to commemorate the arrival of New Year ofSaka Java ( 1 Suro) which coincides with the New Year of Hijriayah. Ngetung means counting, while Batih means members of the family or community. This tradition carried down by praying for all members of the family.  
Location: Blimbing Village Field, Dongko District

The Celebration of Saka New Year and One Muharram

1 Muharam/ DTW Air Terjun Sedudo.

This is the celebration of Saka New Year and the annual event of one Muharram, which is a celebration welcoming Javanese or Islam new year.
Location: Ngliman village Tomb, the Ngliman village mosque

Larung Sesaji Sea Offering

1 Syuro (14 October 2015)

This Is an annual event organized by Probolinggo City Government. These activities are usually carried out on 1 Shura (Javanese calendar) that is intended as a form of gratitude to Almighty God for the results of the earth and sea.
Location: Probolinggo

1 Muharram ceremonies

15 October 2015

This is an activity in commemoration of the Islam new year by organizing a march of Islamic (torch relay) and accompanied by sholawat religious songs.
Location: Sampang

Traditional Art performances and new creations in Art Building

17 October 2015

Traditional Arts and cultural performances and new creations is held by an art group or studio, school and college regularly, in order to motivate the artists to be more creative.
Location: Malang

Kebo-Keboan Traditional Ritual

Sunday, October 18th, 2015 GMT. : 7:00 & 10:00 PM

Kebo-keboan traditional ceremony is an annual ceremony from Malang that being held during Muharram or Suro (Javanese Calender). This ritual begin since 18Century and it implemented as an expression of gratitude for abundant harvests.
Location: Aliyan Village and Alas Village, Malang

Petik Laut Muncar

Thursday, October 29, 2015, 11.00 PM

This offering ritual is being held annualy on Suro Month (Javanese Calender). This is a sacred ritual form Banyuwangi society, in order to give praise to the gods by giving abundant bless from the ocean. The peak of the ceremony is give an offering to the ocean include of small boat that contain of the head of goat, numbers of traditional cakes, fruits, golden rod, opium and two roosters.
Location: TPI Muncar

Spusak di Alas Ketonggo Srigati

Day 24 - 28 October, 2015 at 19:00

This event is a traditional cultural arts and Nganti Lengse traditional ceremony. This activity is carried out for 5 days in Ketonggo, starting with Traditional Culture arts. The main event is on October 28, 2015, or in months suro at full moon.
Location: Great Pelenggahan Srigati, Ketonggo Petik Forest

The Procession of Collection and Placing An Eternal flame In Order to Celebrate Bojonegoro Anniversary

19 October 2015

This ceremony is attended by government officials and the general public as the embodiment of the philosophy of character development for the Government and society in Bojonegoro.
Location: Eternal Flame Tourism Object, Sendangharjo Village, Ngasem

Grebeg Berkah Jonegaran

19 October 2015

This is a series of events after placing the eternal flame procession. In Grebeg Berkah Jonegaran there will be kabuli rice that provided by the Government of Bojonegoro, and 430 ngaron kabuli rice from 430 Villages in Bojonegoro.
Location: Bojonegoro Square

Kurasan Sumber

the beginning of Suro Month (October 2015)

This is an annual event around Kurasan Sumber. The activity begin by draining the source of sulfur to make it more clear. The activity is also intended as a sense of Gratitude for the blessings of God Almighty.
Location: Umbul Square Madiun, Dolopo, Madiun

Tumpeng Bogomulyo Offering

Mid-Suro (October 2015)

This is an annual event that held every Suro Month that implemented as an act of gratitude from the fisherman and as a starting custody.
Location: Bening Dam, Saradan, Madiun

Guk & Yuk Tourism Ambassador Election Sidoarjo

October 2015

This is a beauty contest for looking young talents who excel as Tourism Ambassador of Sidoarjo.
Location: Delta Wibawa Main Hall Sidoarjo


Suro month (October 2015)

Ruwatan is a traditional bathing ritual to cleans bad energy or to weap away bad luck that believed by Javanese people. Javanese people belive by having Ruwatan will avoid disaster, bad energy and obtain a better life.
Location: PIPP Court, Blitar

Tanjung Papuma Sea Offering

20 October 2015

This is an annual ritual that being held in Papuma beach as an expression of gratitude to God almighty. The ritual will be completed by placing a head of goat at a boat miniature and it floated at the ocean.
Location: Papuma Beach

Reog Performance at Full Moon

28 October 2015

Reog Performance is regularly held every night at full moon, precisely at 14th night in 15th month, in Javanese calendar. This performance is begin with the appearance of dance studio that have been scheduled and some students from school-participating. The peak of the event will closed with a Reog performance that starts at 20.00 s / d 23.00.
Location: Main Stage city Square, Ponorogo

Labuh Laut Ceremony

October 2015

Labuh Laut Ceremony is conducted by the fishermen who settled in Popoh beach, Besole Village, Besuki, Tulungagung. This ceremony is meant to ask the blessing of God Almighty.
Location: Popoh Beach

The Dead Anniversary of Sumenep Kings

30 October 2015

This is an annual tradition from Sumenep society which held in Asta Tinggi cemetery to commemorate and pray the dead of the Sumenep Kings.
Location: Asta Tinggi Complex Funeral, Kebonagung, Sumenep

Sedekah Sumber Mujur Village

October 2015

This event is like thanks giving day to God almighty by giving fertility to the land and abundant sustenance and avoided from all disasters. The activity was celebrated with traditional art carnival.
Location: Sumber Mujur Village Bamboo Forest, Candipuro

TPI Beach Sea Offering

October 2015

This event is like thanks giving day to God almighty by giving fertility to the land and abundant harvest from the acean and avoided from all disasters. The activity was celebrated with traditional art carnival
Location: TPI Beach, Bulurejo, Tempursari

Karo Ceremony from Tengger Tribe

October 2015 (the second month of Tengger calendar)

This ceremony is held Tengger Tribe community and it filled with various rituals followed by the appearance of Indigenous Tengger Tribe’s art
Location: Argosari Village, Senduro

Jamasan Heritage Procession

Every Suro Month at Javanese calendar (October 2015)

This is a procession of cleaning, washing and treating of heirlooms at Pusaka Building, Ngliman village, Sawahan, Nganjuk, which is held once a year on every month of Suro..
Location: Ngliman village, Sawahan

Siraman Sedudo Procession

Every Suro on Javanese calendar (October 2015)

Siraman Sedudo is a mass bathing at Sedudo waterfall that being held in the first of Suro, according to Javanese calender, at Nganjuk. People believe when having mass bathing at Sedudo, we will look younger and have a bless.
Location: Sedudo Waterfall, Ngliman village, Sawahan

Muharram Festival

October / November 2015

Muharram festival is a folk art festival with Islamic nuance featuring various arts and entertainment performances.
Location: Bondowoso town square

Larung Saji Sea Offering at Serang and Tambakrejo beach

October 2015

This is an annual event that organized by the residents / local fishermen and the Government of Blitar in October 2015 as an expression of gratitude and prayers for the safety residents and fishermen, by giving offerings of food, crops and Buffalo’s head.
Location: Serang Village, Panggungrejo and Tambakrejo district, Wonotirto

Penataran Festival Performances

October 2015

This is an annual event that being held in October at Penataran by performing art culture event, exhibitions and other performances.
Location: Penataran Tourism Area

Celebrating 1 Suro in Pamuksan Sri Aji Joyoboyo

1 Suro (Javanese calendar)

This is the celebration ritual of the Greatness of Sri Aji Joyoboyo, the king of Kediri kingdom and he was famous by his prediction known as "Jongko Joyoboyo”.
Location: Menang Village, district. Capping, Kediri

Kelud Festival 2015

10 Suro (Javanese calendar)

This Kelud Festival is an activity as an expression of gratitude to God Almighty in the form of offerings by Hindu follower in Kediri and Kelud Slope communities. This event was also enlivened by variety of traditional and modern art performances and craft fairs.
Location: Kelud Tourism site, Kediri

Ledhug Suro, Magetan, Lesung Suro and bedhug Muharram

October 2015

This is an activity in order to welcome the Hijria new year which filled by the appearance of variety of art and cultural attractions, both in nuances of Islamic and Java. There is also bedhug mortar Music Festival, night market, Mass ruwatan, puppets show, and more.
Location: Magetan

Sapi Sono Festival

October 2015

Sapi Sono Festival is a series of events of Presidential Grand Final trophy from Kerapan Sapi that already been compete before at regency level. Sapi Sono cow Festival is a beauty contest for the females cows that decorated in such a manner and accompanied by traditional music Madura, Saronen
Location: Stadion R. Sunarto Pamekasan

Night in Madura

October 2015

Night in Madura is an annual event of Madura cultural arts performances (Bangkalan, Sampang, Pamekasan and Sumenep) which includes: music, dance, and Madura batik show that demonstrated and organized by the local government of Pamekasan
Location: Arek Lancor Monument, Pamekasan

Karapan Sapi Grand Final

October 2015

Karapan Sapi Grand Final is an annual event that organized by Bakorwil Pamekasan and followed by 24 pairs of Karapan Sapi winners from 4 districts in Madura (Bangkalan, Sampang, Pamekasan and Sumenep), rotating the presidential trophy.
Location: Stadion R. Sunarto Kab. Pamekasan

Karo ceremony at Ngadas Village

October 2015

The traditional ceremony or tradition to honor the ancestors of Tengger community.
Location: Malang

Suroan Gunung Kawi

October 2015

This is the celebration of the first Suro month and the celebration of the dead
Location: Kawi Mountain

Bagus and Dyah Tourism Ambassador election

October 2015

This is a beauty contest to look for the winner ambassador to be the tourism representator of Magetan.
Location: Magetan

Kejayan Fashion on The River

October 2015

This kind of fashion event is unique, for all the contestant and every creations are displayed in Gethek or weaving boat on the river.
Location: Kab. Pasuruan

National Parade

October / November 2015

This is an annual event for commemorating the month of Suro and the anniversary of Majapahit Kingdom. This activity includes: a bull and jaranan festival, traditional dance, Mojopahit carnival, mocopat, and culinary exhibition.
Location: Kab. Mojokerto

Ruwatan at Sumber Petirtaan Jolotundo Temple

10th Suro

This is an activity that aims to preserve and save the springs ofJolotundo.
Location: Jolotundo Temple