October Tourism Calendar

19 - 25 October : Grebeg Suro Celebration and National Reyog Festival

Grebeg suro is an annual event to welcome or to commemorate 1 Muharram (Moeslem new year). The event includes National Reyog Festival participated by Reyog Group Performers in regional and national, offering ceremony at Lake Ngebel, the election of Mr. and Miss Ponorogo 2015 (Kakang and Senduk), culture and tourism fair, and etc.

25 October : Ledhug Suro, Lesung Suro and Bedug Muharram

Held to welcome Moslem new year (Muharram)by displaying art and cultural attractions as well as the Islamic tradition in Javanese culture:

  • Lesung Bedhug Music Festival participated by Senior High School students and government offices in Magetan
  • Suro market
  • Village purification
  • Shadow puppet performance
  • Kirab Nayoko Projo
  • Massive Dance
  • Andum Berkah Bolu Rahayu
  • Javanese Culture Carnival
  • Live music performance

Location:Magetan Regency

October : Tourism Award Night

Tourism award is held by the Government of East Java Province to accelerate the tourism development in the regencies and cities. It is one of the efforts to stimulate the local government to build up tourism infrastructure, accessibility, amenities and conserve local wisdom.

October : Culture Carnival

In order to commemorate the anniversary of East Java Province and to promote East Java culture and tourism potentials, this event is participated by 38 cities/regencies in East Java performing their traditional art and costumes on float parade.

October : Sedudo Bathing

Siraman Sedudo, bathing at Sedudo waterfall, has been annually held since the Majapahit era and also known as Prana Prathista ceremony. The village figures decide the exact date of the ceremony every Suro moth, the Javanese calendar. The ceremony is enlivened with cultural performances by 6 sacred virgin dancers with long hair. It is participated by the regent, people’s representatives and people figures bringing incense and flowers to be showed on Sedudo waterfall’s lake. It is believed that those taking a bath in Sedudo especially in Suro month can get a blessing, safety, power and keep young.
Location: Sedudo waterfall, Nganjuk Regency

October - November : Waranggana Graduation

Waranggana (singers) Graduation has a purpose to lift up the prestige of Tayub dancers. It has been held since 1987, on Friday Pahing, Bulan Besar (Javanese calendar) located in Tanjung Anom Subdistrict, Nganjuk Regency. This event is to inaugurate the Waranggana who have graduated from Ulah Bekso and Ulah Suara, having capability of dancing and singing at least 10 types. The ceremony uses Javanese traditional language and Javanese traditional costumes. They use various kinds of the ceremony ornaments such as big jar, flower, stoles, incense, Javanese percussion etc. Having graduated and having license, the Warangganas are eligible to participate in Langen Tayub shows.
Location: Sambirejo village, Tanjunganom sub-district, Nganjuk Regency

October : Kejayan Fashion on the River

It is one of the activities to increase the number of visitors to Pasuruan. Kejayan Fashion on the River is unique and different. The fashion features a variety of creative world designs and paraded it by using vamboo raft on the river.
Location: Pasuruan Regency