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Madura, from an administrative viewpoint, is a part of the Indonesian Province of East Java. Located off the eastern end of Java's north coast, this long, narrow island measures 160 km from east to west and 35 km north south, amounting to a total area of roughly 4,250 square kilometres. Madura is ...



Cultural forms in Madura are generally speaking similar to those of Java and, looked at from a wider viewpoint, belong to the Java - Bali - Madura - Sunda family. Madurese culture, however, has its own shades and tones, undoubtedly conditioned in part by the harsh landscape and climate. Immediately apparent are the differences in language and mental attitude between the Madurese and, say, the Javanese. The people of Madura ...

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The population of East Java stood at 31,708,003 at the end of May 1992. From this figure, the inhabitants of Madura accounted for 1,509,431 females and 1,367,763 males. Spread among ...

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During this period of development, Madura's contribution towards the national economy is growing and diversifying. Besides the traditional farming sector, natural resources such as oil and natural gas are beginning to be exploited. No less tourism. With ...

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