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Madura, from an administrative viewpoint, is a part of the Indonesian Province of East Java. Located of the eastern end of Java's north coast, this long, narrow island measures 160 km from east to west and 35 km north south, amounting to a total area of roughly 4,250 square kilometres. Madura is divided into four Regencies, or Kabupaten, which run consecutively from west to east, respectively Bangkalan, Sampang, Pamekasan and Sumenep. Beside the main land mass, however, there are 67 more small islands and islets, 66 of which lie to the east of Sumenep and are a part of that district, while one island belongs to Sampang.

Karamian Island, the most northerly, and Sekala Island, the furthest east of the Madura group, both lie more than 240 km from the main island. Ocean conditions among the islands are for the most part clear, clean and not so deep, displaying an abundance of sea-life, for example in the area around Mamburit Island near the Kangean Group. Beaches are almost all white, such as at Siring Kemuning, Camplong, Slopeng, Lombang, as well as throughout the Kangean Islands, at Saebus, Mamburit, Saur, Pagerungan, Kangean etc. In some cases, though, there are islands which are totally covered in thick vegetation right to the water's edge. Compared with other areas of East Java, Madura's soil is relatively poor. The land is stony and dry. Yet these conditions have taught the Madurese people to be ingenious and adaptable, two characteristics for which Madura's inhabitants are well known. Lying only a 30 minute ferry ride from Surabaya's harbour of Tanjung Perak, the port of Kamal on Madura's south west coast is easily accessible. Ferries transporting vehicles of all sizes, passengers and goods, arrive and depart at 15 minute intervals around the clock, thus forming a permanent moving bridge connecting Madura with the mainland.


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